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Short Answer Questions

1. What kept Stein from practicing medicine?

2. What war preceded the first world war?

3. What European city did Stein take a disliking to upon her first visit?

4. Which is not one of Gertrude's favorite saints?

5. Alice describes her Saturday evenings in Paris to what object?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Although Stein and Toklas are lovers and seem to be accepting of the lifestyles of most people, there are instances in which Stein's morality affects various friendships. Explain why Stein's morality almost cost the writer the close relationship she had formed with Picasso.

Essay Topic 2

There is very little actual dialogue in the story although there is a great amount of recounting stories and hearsay. Why did the author choose to recount stories through the eyes of Toklas instead of reporting the actual events through the use of dialogue?

Essay Topic 3

Money was mentioned on occasion but usually when it posed a problem regarding the ability to live in Paris or during war time. It was never discussed how Stein and Toklas made their money, only that it was wise to be frugal. When the women ran out of money, they contacted relatives for help. Where do you think the women got the funds to live on? How did their lifestyle help or hinder their financial status?

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