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Short Answer Questions

1. The Matisse apartment had a beautiful view of what Paris landmark?

2. What about Gertrude impressed Alice?

3. Picasso painted a famous scene with friends gathered around what object?

4. Where was Alice B. Toklas born?

5. How does Alice refer to her mother?

Short Essay Questions

1. Toklas claims that Stein and Fitzgerald had a peculiar way with each other. Explain.

2. Why did Harry Gibb push Stein to publish a big book that people could sink their teeth into?

3. What caused the turbulent nature of the Picassos' relationship?

4. Why does Stern say Americans are like Spaniards?

5. Describe Gertrude Stein's afternoon ritual.

6. Why did Stein decide to write Toklas' autobiography?

7. How did Stein respond when Mrs. Bishop asked the writer to prompt the French government to create a Pondichery?

8. What inspired Picasso to devote himself to Cubism?

9. What was the initial response to Gertrude Stein's "Three Lives?"

10. What caused Alice's grandfather to leave Paris?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the characters of Stein and Toklas.

1. How are they different?

2. Did their life together in Paris increase or diminish their differences?

3. What was the main difference or likeness between the two women?

Essay Topic 2

It is well known that Stein and Toklas were lovers and were possibly secretly married in 1908. The lifestyle of the couple was such that the unusual living arrangement was never questioned by the couple's friends. Why was the subject not openly discussed in the book? How do you think Stein's and Toklas' families reacted to their marriage?

Essay Topic 3

Money was mentioned on occasion but usually when it posed a problem regarding the ability to live in Paris or during war time. It was never discussed how Stein and Toklas made their money, only that it was wise to be frugal. When the women ran out of money, they contacted relatives for help. Where do you think the women got the funds to live on? How did their lifestyle help or hinder their financial status?

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