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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the English translation of "Nullement en danger ne t'inquiete pas?"
(a) There is a danger of running out of tuna fish
(b) That there is no danger, don't worry
(c) It is the quiet ones that are dangerous
(d) She suffers in quiet danger

2. What was the main problem with publishing "The Making of Americans?"
(a) subject matter
(b) timeliness
(c) length
(d) required editing

3. Who taught Gertrude Stein, how to drive?
(a) John Lane
(b) William Cook
(c) Mrs. Penfold
(d) Alice B. Toklas

4. What publication published Gertrude's paper?
(a) Harvard Psychological Review
(b) Journal of Medicine
(c) New York Times
(d) Christian Science Monitor

5. What European city did Stein take a disliking to upon her first visit?
(a) Milan
(b) Munich
(c) London
(d) Provence

6. What war preceded the first world war?
(a) War of 1812
(b) Spanish Civil War
(c) French and Indian war
(d) Russian Japanese war

7. What activity did Matisse perform every afternoon?
(a) sketching in the nude
(b) walking the family's dogs
(c) taking a nap in the sun
(d) drinking wine by the Lake

8. Fernande refers to Picasso as...
(a) an intellectual wit
(b) an undiscovered genius
(c) a precocious child
(d) a dirty old man

9. Gertrude had no talent for what art form?
(a) dancing
(b) singing
(c) music
(d) drawing

10. The Steins moved again when Gertrude was three-years-old. To what city did they transfer?
(a) Lucerne
(b) Paris
(c) Venice
(d) Amsterdam

11. Where did Matisse buy a house?
(a) Montmartre
(b) rue de Fleurus
(c) Clamart
(d) Provence

12. Who was the first person to quote Gertrude Stein's work to her?
(a) Roche
(b) Uhde
(c) Manolo
(d) Ronnebeck

13. What does Stein feel in regard to intellectual people?
(a) amusement
(b) horror
(c) kinship
(d) embarrassment

14. While in medical school, Gertrude was well-known for...
(a) excelling in anatomy
(b) cutting class
(c) being disrespectful to professors
(d) original scientific work

15. For what animal did Gertrude have a fondness?
(a) giraffes
(b) pigs
(c) weasels
(d) goats

Short Answer Questions

1. What year did Gertrude's brother move away from Paris?

2. In what city did the couple have difficulties getting their passports approved?

3. What kind of vehicle was being sent to Stein and Toklas?

4. What experiment did Gertrude perform and eventually write a paper about?

5. Who is John Lane?

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