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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What war preceded the first world war?
(a) French and Indian war
(b) War of 1812
(c) Russian Japanese war
(d) Spanish Civil War

2. For what animal did Gertrude have a fondness?
(a) giraffes
(b) goats
(c) pigs
(d) weasels

3. What writer did Stein refer to as "the greatest of the Victorians?"
(a) Henry James
(b) Anthony Trollope
(c) Thomas Hardy
(d) Samuel Beckett

4. In what year did Alice go to Paris?
(a) 1907
(b) 1903
(c) 1909
(d) 1912

5. What maneuver in driving was difficult for Gertrude?
(a) backing up
(b) driving in snow
(c) three-point turn
(d) parallel parking

6. What was Ronnebeck's profession?
(a) politician
(b) vagrant
(c) professor
(d) sculptor

7. While in medical school, Gertrude was well-known for...
(a) being disrespectful to professors
(b) original scientific work
(c) cutting class
(d) excelling in anatomy

8. According to Stein, what kind of country is Germany?
(a) prejudiced
(b) medieval
(c) scintillating
(d) culture

9. Where was Gertrude Stein born?
(a) Pennsylvania
(b) Maine
(c) Vienna
(d) California

10. Stein claims to dislike the things that are...
(a) simple
(b) abnormal
(c) orange
(d) dramatic

11. What European city did Stein take a disliking to upon her first visit?
(a) London
(b) Provence
(c) Munich
(d) Milan

12. What activity did Matisse perform every afternoon?
(a) walking the family's dogs
(b) taking a nap in the sun
(c) sketching in the nude
(d) drinking wine by the Lake

13. How did Stein and Toklas have to confirm their identity when picking up the money?
(a) by submitting passports
(b) by producing letters of recommendation
(c) by taking a polygraph test
(d) by being weighed and measured

14. What kind of alarms were commonplace during this time?
(a) fire drill
(b) curfew
(c) atomic bomb
(d) Zeppelin

15. What was the name of the college Gertrude first attended?
(a) Oxford
(b) Radcliffe
(c) UCLA
(d) Vassar

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the main problem with publishing "The Making of Americans?"

2. Where did the Steins move when they left Paris?

3. What item did Gertrude bring back from Rome that was later broken?

4. What artist did Stein refer to as the Leonardo da Vinci of the movement?

5. What trait did Stein profess to have?

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