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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the first person to quote Gertrude Stein's work to her?
(a) Manolo
(b) Roche
(c) Uhde
(d) Ronnebeck

2. Alice describes her Saturday evenings in Paris to what object?
(a) roller coaster
(b) volcano
(c) Kaleidoscope
(d) single malt Scotch

3. Where did Matisse buy a house?
(a) Montmartre
(b) Clamart
(c) Provence
(d) rue de Fleurus

4. What is the English translation of "Nullement en danger ne t'inquiete pas?"
(a) That there is no danger, don't worry
(b) It is the quiet ones that are dangerous
(c) She suffers in quiet danger
(d) There is a danger of running out of tuna fish

5. What item did Gertrude bring back from Rome that was later broken?
(a) jewelry
(b) typewriter
(c) plate
(d) vase

6. At what age did Gertrude attempt to write a Shakespearean drama?
(a) 8
(b) 17
(c) 13
(d) 12

7. What kind of alarms were commonplace during this time?
(a) Zeppelin
(b) atomic bomb
(c) curfew
(d) fire drill

8. What was Ronnebeck's profession?
(a) politician
(b) vagrant
(c) professor
(d) sculptor

9. Where was Gertrude Stein born?
(a) California
(b) Pennsylvania
(c) Maine
(d) Vienna

10. Where was Stein's first European residence?
(a) Vienna
(b) Prague
(c) Florence
(d) Paris

11. Where did Gertrude often spend the summer months?
(a) the ocean
(b) house in the country
(c) Europe
(d) San Francisco

12. Who taught Gertrude Stein, how to drive?
(a) Alice B. Toklas
(b) Mrs. Penfold
(c) William Cook
(d) John Lane

13. Which of these items was not a feature at the Matisse house?
(a) greenhouse
(b) flowers
(c) statues
(d) fountains

14. Gertrude had no talent for what art form?
(a) dancing
(b) music
(c) drawing
(d) singing

15. During this time who became Picasso's closest friend?
(a) Matisse
(b) Alice
(c) Braque
(d) Gris

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of Picasso's second wife?

2. What kind of vehicle was being sent to Stein and Toklas?

3. The Steins moved again when Gertrude was three-years-old. To what city did they transfer?

4. According to Stein, what kind of country is Germany?

5. Stein claims that Cubism is a concept that can be attributed to...

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