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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Matisse apartment had a beautiful view of what Paris landmark?
(a) The Louvre
(b) Notre Dame
(c) Ile de la Cité
(d) The Arc de Triomphe

2. Where did Alice choose as a travel destination?
(a) Hawaii
(b) Paris
(c) Argentina
(d) China

3. What lessons did Alice want to receive?
(a) cooking
(b) French
(c) writing
(d) painting

4. What was the career choice of Matisse before he discovered painting?
(a) pharmacist
(b) architect
(c) doctor
(d) attorney

5. Which of these things is not among Alice's hobbies?
(a) Gardening
(b) Houses
(c) Archery
(d) Needlework

6. To what author does Alice offer assistance?
(a) Ezra Pound
(b) Ernest Hemingway
(c) Henry James
(d) Gertrude Stein

7. Alice's grandmother was very fond of __________________.
(a) Sunsets
(b) Travel
(c) The ocean
(d) Music

8. Which house guest was objected to by Helene?
(a) Alice
(b) Cézanne
(c) Picasso
(d) Matisse

9. One of the paintings by Matisse that Stein loved was titled, "La Femme au Chapeau." What is the English translation of "chapeau?"
(a) hat
(b) child
(c) flower
(d) nude

10. What artist was a friend of the photographer, Duret?
(a) Alfy Maurer
(b) Max Jacob
(c) James Whistler
(d) Henri Matisse

11. How does Alice refer to her mother?
(a) Shy
(b) Boisterous
(c) Lonely
(d) Quiet

12. Stein had a weakness for what types of objects?
(a) breakable
(b) metal
(c) green
(d) sturdy

13. Gertrude had a large number of photographs depicting what historical event?
(a) Washington crossing the Delaware
(b) Civil War
(c) San Francisco fire
(d) Signing of the Declaration Of Independence

14. What author did Alice most admire?
(a) Henry James
(b) Gertrude Stein
(c) Thomas Hardy
(d) T.S. Eliot

15. Which of these people is not on Alice's list of geniuses?
(a) Clara Schumann
(b) Alfred Whitehead
(c) Pablo Picasso
(d) Gertrude Stein

Short Answer Questions

1. What artist became famous by painting a portrait of Fernande?

2. Duret commented to an artist that there are two kinds of art. There is art, and then there is ___________________.

3. What item did Picasso withhold from his wife?

4. Gertrude Stein's brother had a fondness for what type of art?

5. What was Picasso's first name?

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