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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom did Alice live?
(a) Two sisters
(b) Father and brother
(c) Roommates
(d) Aunt and Uncle

2. How does Alice know if she has met a genius?
(a) Her toes tingle
(b) She hears a bell ring
(c) Her nose itches
(d) Her heart stops for a beat

3. What was the name of the street where the Steins had an apartment?
(a) Avenue Champagne
(b) Rue de Rivoli
(c) Rue de Fleurus
(d) Champs Elysee

4. Who painted a portrait of Gertrude Stein?
(a) Matisse
(b) Cézanne
(c) Monet
(d) Picasso

5. How old was Picasso when he painted the portrait of Gertrude Stein?
(a) 26
(b) 35
(c) 24
(d) 19

6. Alice's father said, "if you must do a thing do it _____________."
(a) Intellectually
(b) Thoroughly
(c) Consciously
(d) Graciously

7. What was the cost of the Matisse painting of the woman and the dog?
(a) 1000 francs
(b) 500 francs
(c) 250 francs
(d) 100 francs

8. What is the English translation of "un coup de foudre?"
(a) A political arrest
(b) A collection of paintings
(c) Love at first sight
(d) Civil unrest

9. Gertrude had a large number of photographs depicting what historical event?
(a) Civil War
(b) Signing of the Declaration Of Independence
(c) San Francisco fire
(d) Washington crossing the Delaware

10. Who did Alice meet during her travels?
(a) Charlie Chaplin
(b) Ralph Waldo Emerson
(c) Winston Churchill
(d) Gertrude Stein

11. What lessons did Alice want to receive?
(a) cooking
(b) painting
(c) writing
(d) French

12. How does Alice refer to her mother?
(a) Quiet
(b) Lonely
(c) Boisterous
(d) Shy

13. What was the name of one of the top two large spring salons?
(a) Champ-de-Mars
(b) Place de la Concord
(c) Musee de Montmartre
(d) Tuilleries

14. Picasso painted a famous scene with friends gathered around what object?
(a) toilet
(b) flowerpot
(c) angel
(d) coffin

15. At what time of day did Gertrude Stein typically begin to work?
(a) 12:00 p.m.
(b) 11:00 p.m.
(c) 2:00 p.m.
(d) 4:00 a.m.

Short Answer Questions

1. What present did Stein give to Picasso?

2. What was Alice's great passion?

3. Which artist is not mentioned in Chapter 2?

4. What was the name of Matisse's first large composition?

5. How old was Matisse when he received the first large offer from the spring salon?

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