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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When it came to writing, what was Stein's passion?
(a) superlatives
(b) sentences
(c) descriptions
(d) verbs

2. What experiment did Gertrude perform and eventually write a paper about?
(a) automatic writing
(b) cloning
(c) psychology of an expatriate
(d) chemical reactions of sugar

3. It was in 1914 the Picasso began to choose what kind of paint?
(a) acrylic
(b) oil
(c) recycled
(d) ripolin

4. Who taught Gertrude Stein, how to drive?
(a) Mrs. Penfold
(b) William Cook
(c) John Lane
(d) Alice B. Toklas

5. What was Alice's mother's name?
(a) Emilie
(b) Edwina
(c) Ava
(d) Edna

Short Answer Questions

1. Alice describes her Saturday evenings in Paris to what object?

2. At what age did Alice develop a love of literature?

3. What was the price of Alice's lessons?

4. Where was Stein's first European residence?

5. What present did Stein give to Picasso?

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