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Chapter 1

• Alice B. Toklas is born in San Francisco.

• As a young girl, Alice studies music.

• Alice's mother dies.

• In Alice's teen years, literature becomes her passion.

• Alice meets Gertrude Stein's brother and sister-in-law.

Chapter 2

• Alice arrives in Paris in 1907.

• Alice meets Helene, Stein's housekeeper.

• Helene expresses dislike of Henri Matisse.

• Helene leaves the Stein home to spend more time with her family.

• Helene returns to the Stein home to find that Gertrude and Alice's friends have all become famous.

• Alice is introduced to famous artists, Matisse, Picasso, and Cézanne.

• Alice learns about art and culture in Paris.

• Alice receives French lessons from Fernande Picasso.

Chapter 3

• Gertrude Stein finishes school at Johns Hopkins.

• Mr. Stein discovers Cézanne while in Florence.

• The Steins visit Vollard's gallery for the first time.

• Gertrude Stein writes the poem "Vollard and Cézanne."

• The Steins begin to purchase works by C...

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