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Short Answer Questions

1. In reviewing the tapes between the pilot and air traffic control, what does Casey and her team notice about the pilot?

2. What does Marder inform Casey he is going to give her for her efforts in the investigation?

3. What makes Casey rule out pilot error as the cause of the troubled flight before she even inspects the aircraft?

4. During the second phase of the investigation, what does Casey decide to focus on?

5. During a meeting on Tuesday, a report confirms the trouble on Flight 545 was not caused by what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the corrupt data from the Flight Data Recorder mean?

2. Why is Felix, the man in charge of Flight Simulations, so sure that slats could not have been the cause of the problem on Flight 545?

3. When Casey and Bob Richman board the N-22 what do they observe?

4. What does Casey learn during her run in with the president of the local worker's union Don Brull?

5. What reason does Richman give for racking up so much travel time while working for the marketing department?

6. What fax does Norma give to Casey and why?

7. What are the various recorders on the plane that Casey hopes to gain information from?

8. Explain what happens while Casey and the investigative team are out to lunch on Wednesday.

9. What does Casey do once she gets home Wednesday night?

10. What does Casey notice about the pilot while listening to the taped conversations between the pilot and air traffic controllers, and why is this surprising?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose your favorite hero and your favorite villain from Airframe. Describe the characters, what makes them a hero or a villain, and what happens to the character at the end of the book.

Essay Topic 2

The locking pin is one of the smallest pieces of equipment on a plane, but it has a huge impact on how the plane functions and could be the key to solving what happened on Flight 545. Describe what the locking pin is, why Casey believes it is counterfeit, and trace the path of the original pin to the point when it was changed.

Essay Topic 3

The plane itself if used by the author as a type of character in the book. Describe three aspects of the plane and what each part of the plane has to do with the investigation into the troubled flight.

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