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Short Answer Questions

1. Who confirms Casey's conclusion that slat deployment did not cause the trouble on the flight?

2. A profitable deal with what country is pending, until the findings of the troubled flight are revealed?

3. Who is Jack Rogers?

4. What does Casey ask the video store technician to do to the video from the cockpit?

5. While inspecting the plane, what does Casey see stuck in an overhead compartment?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Casey notice about the pilot while listening to the taped conversations between the pilot and air traffic controllers, and why is this surprising?

2. Why is Felix, the man in charge of Flight Simulations, so sure that slats could not have been the cause of the problem on Flight 545?

3. Why does Casey believe Marder has ordered security to watch her house?

4. What does the corrupt data from the Flight Data Recorder mean?

5. Why is there a strange car parked outside of Casey's home?

6. What reason does Richman give for racking up so much travel time while working for the marketing department?

7. Why does John Marder call Casey late Wednesday night?

8. What does the DC-10 incident have to do with the N-22 investigation?

9. Why does the air traffic controller call his boss?

10. Explain why Casey ends up on top of an airplane that is being constructed in one of Norton's hangers.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe how Marder is pushing Casey to the forefront of the investigation and the press's interest in the case. Describe how this is good for Marder but could be bad for Casey. Be sure to answer the questions: Why isn't Marder using the press department of Norton but using Casey instead? What does Marder promise Casey when the investigation is over?

Essay Topic 2

Jack Rogers is a small time reporter but still big enough to cause an upset at Norton if word gets out about Flight 545. Describe Casey's meeting with Jack Rogers and what Rogers tells her about Marder and Edgarton. Conclude your essay by including an explanation of why Rogers could potentially be dangerous to the progress at Norton.

Essay Topic 3

Malone determines to get a story but it does not happen.

Part 1) Describe why Malone insists on being on the test flight and how Casey reacted.

Part 2) Describe what happens on the flight that made Malone attack Casey upon landing.

Part 3) Describe the results, for Malone, of what Casey reveals on the test flight.

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