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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Casey Singleton's job at Norton Aircraft?

2. Who tells Casey the pilot said the problem was caused by uncommanded slat deployment?

3. When Casey runs into Don Brull, in addition to reminding her that the wing is going to China, what does he tell her about the wing tools?

4. According to Casey and her team, what would have stopped if autopilot had taken over properly?

5. What does Casey ask the video store technician to do to the video from the cockpit?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is there a strange car parked outside of Casey's home?

2. What does Casey discover as she studies sheets of data from the faulty data recorder?

3. What does Casey find Bob Richman doing that further adds to her suspicions of him?

4. Explain what the JAA press release says.

5. In the meeting on Tuesday, what does Casey learn about the idea that turbulence caused the trouble on Flight 545?

6. Why is Jennifer Malone trying to get a story about the N-22 incident?

7. Why does Casey's secretary Norma tell Casey to be careful around Richman?

8. What does the DC-10 incident have to do with the N-22 investigation?

9. What reason does Richman give for racking up so much travel time while working for the marketing department?

10. Why is uncommanded slat deployment thought to be a possibility for the trouble experienced on the flight?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Casey is in the elevator to go home, she changes her mind and goes back to work.

Part 1) Describe what is in the report Casey is viewing in the elevator that makes her go back to work.

Part 2) Describe what happens when Casey goes to the hanger to follow the lead she found while in the elevator.

Essay Topic 2

Describe in detail what happens on the flight test from take off to landing. Be sure to detail the characters' reactions to what is taking place.

Essay Topic 3

Casey ends the interview with Reardon, surprising everyone.

Part 1) Describe how Casey ends the interview with Reardon and why it is surprising.

Part 2) Describe Casey's plan for Saturday and if her plan goes smoothly, what it will reveal about Flight 545.

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