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Short Answer Questions

1. At home Wednesday evening, Casey receives a call from Marder informing her about what?

2. What does Marder inform Casey he is going to give her for her efforts in the investigation?

3. Why does Casey ask an accountant to view the video from the cockpit?

4. What part of the N-22 does Casey want to tear apart but can't because of time restrictions?

5. What does Casey learn about the Flight Data Recorder?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Casey do once she gets home Wednesday night?

2. Why is Casey called to a television, and why does what she sees worry her?

3. Who does Casey give the two additional copies of the video from the cockpit to and why?

4. What does Casey learn during her run in with the president of the local worker's union Don Brull?

5. Why is there a strange car parked outside of Casey's home?

6. Explain the circumstances around the falling tool in the Norton hanger.

7. Why is Felix, the man in charge of Flight Simulations, so sure that slats could not have been the cause of the problem on Flight 545?

8. What reason does Richman give for racking up so much travel time while working for the marketing department?

9. Why does John Marder call Casey late Wednesday night?

10. Explain why Casey ends up on top of an airplane that is being constructed in one of Norton's hangers.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Marty Reardon is a hard-hitting reporter that works for Jennifer Malone.

Part 1) Describe Marty's interview with Barker and what it confirms about the investigation.

Part 2) Describe Marty's interview with Casey and what it confirms about the investigation.

Essay Topic 2

The video tape Casey found in the cockpit will play a central role in determining what happened on the flight.

Part 1) Describe what Casey hopes she can find out from the video.

Part 2) Describe what Casey is doing to better understand what is happening on the video.

Essay Topic 3

Choose your favorite hero and your favorite villain from Airframe. Describe the characters, what makes them a hero or a villain, and what happens to the character at the end of the book.

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