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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Casey say usually knows everything going on at Norton Aircraft?

2. If Jennifer goes forward with her report, who does she want as one of the central figures?

3. What is the FAA official's conclusion as soon as he enters the troubled plane after it is evacuated?

4. A profitable deal with what country is pending, until the findings of the troubled flight are revealed?

5. What does Casey call the footage from the camera she found in the cockpit?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what the JAA press release says.

2. What does Casey Singleton learn about the troubled flight in the morning debriefing meeting at Norton Aircraft?

3. Why is Casey called to a television, and why does what she sees worry her?

4. Explain what happens while Casey and the investigative team are out to lunch on Wednesday.

5. What does the corrupt data from the Flight Data Recorder mean?

6. Why does John Marder call Casey late Wednesday night?

7. What are the various recorders on the plane that Casey hopes to gain information from?

8. What does Casey notice about the pilot while listening to the taped conversations between the pilot and air traffic controllers, and why is this surprising?

9. Explain the circumstances around the falling tool in the Norton hanger.

10. Why does Casey's secretary Norma tell Casey to be careful around Richman?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose three of the following characters and describe in detail their role in the investigation into Flight 545: Casey, Teddy, Malone, the woman from accounting, the video technician, Marder, Richman, and Edgarton.

Essay Topic 2

Choose your favorite hero and your favorite villain from Airframe. Describe the characters, what makes them a hero or a villain, and what happens to the character at the end of the book.

Essay Topic 3

On Friday, Bob Richman reveals his real purpose for being at Norton. Describe what his reason is, the plan Marder and Richman came up with, and why the plan will devastate Norton.

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