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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Casey told during a phone call from Vancouver?
(a) One of the pilots has died.
(b) One of the pilots wants to talk to her privately.
(c) One of the pilots has hired a lawyer.
(d) One of the pilots committed suicide.

2. What does Marder tell Jennifer Malone about the slat deployment issue?
(a) Norton issued a bulletin explaining how to fix the problem.
(b) Norton rebuit all the slats on existing planes.
(c) Norton ignored the slat deployment problem to save money.
(d) Norton issued a statement that their slats were safe.

3. Who is the woman waiting for Casey in her office on Friday?
(a) A FBI investigator.
(b) A FAA investigator.
(c) A media trainer.
(d) A Chinese executive.

4. What decision is made about Malone's story?
(a) It will air with the truth.
(b) It will be cancelled.
(c) It will air still focusing on slat deployment.
(d) It will air after the China deal is final.

5. What will Casey be doing at Norton on Saturday that Jennifer Malone insists on being a part of?
(a) Interviewing the pilots.
(b) Revealing the details of her report.
(c) A test flight.
(d) Meeting with the FAA.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Casey remind the technician of when she takes the video tape from him?

2. Why does Malone attack Casey after the test flight?

3. Where is Norton's Test Facility located?

4. Who reveals to Casey that if the China deal falls through, a back-up deal has been made with Korea?

5. What happens to Marder?

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