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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who reports the plane's activity to the FAA?
(a) The air traffic controller.
(b) Casey Singleton.
(c) A passenger on the flight.
(d) The pilot.

2. Who tells Jennifer Malone Norton is having internal problems with their union?
(a) Bob Richman.
(b) Casey.
(c) Jack Rogers.
(d) Don Brull.

3. What is Jennifer's boss afraid the story about Flight 545 might turn into?
(a) A boring piece that no one will be interested in.
(b) A faulty parts story.
(c) A media frenzy.
(d) Jennifer's only focus.

4. Why is Casey worried about the news coverage of the new accident involving the N-22?
(a) She fears it was caused by the same problem as Flight 545.
(b) She is sure she will lose her job.
(c) She cannot handle two investigations at one time.
(d) She fears it will bring coverage to Flight 545.

5. From whom does Jennifer learn about Norton's deal with China?
(a) Airbus.
(b) FAA.
(c) Richman.
(d) JAA.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Amos tell Casey about the locking pin?

2. Who does Casey say usually knows everything going on at Norton Aircraft?

3. Why is the cockpit recorder of no help in Casey's investigation?

4. Casey's secretary Norma, discovers Richman's large expenses have been approved by whom?

5. If Jennifer goes forward with her report, who does she want as one of the central figures?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Casey's secretary Norma tell Casey to be careful around Richman?

2. Explain the circumstances around the falling tool in the Norton hanger.

3. When Casey is leaving Thursday evening, what does she discover that causes her to return to her office?

4. Why is Felix, the man in charge of Flight Simulations, so sure that slats could not have been the cause of the problem on Flight 545?

5. Explain how Casey feels when she wakes up the morning after her fall in the hanger.

6. What does Malone insist on doing Saturday morning at Norton?

7. When Casey and Bob Richman board the N-22 what do they observe?

8. What does Casey learn from the QAR after Wong hooks it up to his computer?

9. Why does Casey believe Marder has ordered security to watch her house?

10. Describe the interaction between Casey and the woman in accounting who translates the video for her.

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