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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the test flight, why does the plane begin to dive and rise during Flight 545?
(a) Chang's son didn't know how to turn off the slats.
(b) John Chang was fighting his son for control of the plane.
(c) The locking pin had slipped out when the slats tried to deploy.
(d) Chang's son was fighting the autopilot.

2. When Casey shows Malone the footage from the cockpit during the actual Flight of 545, what is the first thing Casey points out?
(a) The view through the cockpit window.
(b) The drink next to the pilot's chair.
(c) The lights on the control panel.
(d) The pilot's short hair and earring.

3. What does Casey remind the technician of when she takes the video tape from him?
(a) What a good thing he did for Norton.
(b) The fact that she can fire him.
(c) The money she paid him to be quiet.
(d) His non-disclosure agreement.

4. Why does Reardon believe Norton is hiding the video footage from the cockpit?
(a) Because Norton is guilty of causing the accident.
(b) Because Casey is protecting her job.
(c) Because the video would end the deal with China.
(d) Because Marder wants to be president.

5. Where does the interview between Jennifer Malone and Marder take place?
(a) In Casey's office.
(b) In the Norton lobby.
(c) In the hanger.
(d) In Marder's office.

6. Why does Malone insist on being aboard the test flight?
(a) She has no other way to travel back to Norton.
(b) She doesn't trust Casey.
(c) She doesn't trust the cameras.
(d) Her boss wants her to be on board.

7. What announcement does Marder make before he ends the interview with Jennifer?
(a) Norton will issue a statement about Flight 545 in one week.
(b) Norton will issue a statement about Flight 545 the next day.
(c) Norton will no longer be taking questions from press of any kind.
(d) Norton has ended the deal they made with China.

8. What happens to Casey after the investigation is final?
(a) She calls John Chang's widow.
(b) She gets a promotion.
(c) She reports Marder and Richman to the FAA.
(d) She leaves for vacation.

9. What does Reardon begin questioning early in the interview?
(a) Casey's credentials.
(b) The lack of genuine parts on the N-22.
(c) Whether or not the story will lead anywhere.
(d) The safety of the N-22.

10. How long does the plane have to fly before the test pilot can simulate the serious of events that happened on Flight 545?
(a) A half hour.
(b) Two hours.
(c) Forty-five minutes.
(d) One hour.

11. How does John's son try to clear the disagree warning that came up?
(a) By turning off the autopilot.
(b) By calling flight control for direction.
(c) By deploying the slats.
(d) By looking through the flight manual.

12. When Casey talks to the woman in accounting who translated the cockpit video, how does the woman respond?
(a) She is distrubed by what she learned.
(b) She is happy that the pilot is not to blame.
(c) She is crying because of what she learned.
(d) She is irritated that Casey is bothering her.

13. After speaking with the audio technician, what does Casey confirm about the sound at the beginning of the video she found in the cockpit?
(a) It was the proximity sensor breaking.
(b) It was the slats deploying.
(c) It was a small explosion.
(d) It was the autopilot shutting off.

14. Who is Marty Reardon?
(a) One of Jennifer Malone's producers.
(b) One of Jennifer Malone's reporters.
(c) One of Jennifer Malone's cameramen.
(d) One of Jennifer Malone's assistants.

15. Why does the cameraman call for a break?
(a) Because Casey is crying.
(b) To go to lunch.
(c) Because Jennifer Malone tells him to.
(d) To replace the film.

Short Answer Questions

1. What proof does Casey offer Malone concerning what happened on Flight 545?

2. Who is on board the test flight besides Malone and Casey?

3. Who, besides Marder, tells Casey she must lie in the Friday morning interview with Jennifer Malone?

4. Why does John Chang leave his son in charge of the flight?

5. What does the telex Casey received from Vancouver say further proved Casey's detailed report of what happened on Flight 545?

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