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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Casey's interview begin on Friday?
(a) With Casey revealing Marder's lies.
(b) With Casey explaining the details of Flight 545.
(c) With Casey explaining what her job is at Norton.
(d) With Casey reading the statement prepared by Marder.

2. What is Casey warned about concerning Marty Reardon?
(a) Rearson likes to push people's buttons.
(b) Reardon likes to use a person's stress aganist them.
(c) Reardon has his own agenda.
(d) Reardon is kind and gracious.

3. During the interview with Jennifer Malone, what is Jack Rogers never allowed to explain?
(a) How hard Casey and her team are working.
(b) How he stumbled upon the Norton story.
(c) Why he thinks Norton is in trouble.
(d) Why he is an expert in aircraft.

4. To get him away from the office on Thursday morning, what errand does Casey send Richman on?
(a) To bring paperwork to Norma.
(b) To get breakfast for the investigative crew.
(c) To pick up the in flight magazine.
(d) To review the data from the flight simulator.

5. How does Jack Rogers answer questions during his interview with Jennifer Malone?
(a) In long drawn out paragraphs.
(b) With confidence.
(c) With lots of mumbling.
(d) In monosyllables.

6. How does Malone feel about the interviews she conducted on Thursday morning?
(a) She is unhappy.
(b) She is afraid her boss was right.
(c) She is excited about what she learned.
(d) She is very pleased.

7. What will Casey be doing at Norton on Saturday that Jennifer Malone insists on being a part of?
(a) Revealing the details of her report.
(b) Meeting with the FAA.
(c) Interviewing the pilots.
(d) A test flight.

8. Who does Marder speak with immediately after his interview with Jennifer Malone?
(a) Edgarton.
(b) Richman.
(c) Jack Rogers.
(d) John Chung.

9. When Casey arrives at Norton Friday morning, how many hours does she have until the interview?
(a) 2.
(b) 3.
(c) 10.
(d) 5.

10. Who secretly follows Casey to the N-22 from Flight 545 Thursday night?
(a) Edgarton.
(b) Jennifer Malone.
(c) Richman.
(d) Marder.

11. When Casey receives the magazine Wednesday's fax is taken from, what does she see?
(a) A picture of John Chung with his family.
(b) A picture of John Chung showing his injuries from Flight 545.
(c) A picture of John Chung with the co-pilots from Flight 545.
(d) An interview with John Chung.

12. When Casey shows Malone the footage from the cockpit during the actual Flight of 545, what is the first thing Casey points out?
(a) The pilot's short hair and earring.
(b) The drink next to the pilot's chair.
(c) The view through the cockpit window.
(d) The lights on the control panel.

13. Who, besides Marder, tells Casey she must lie in the Friday morning interview with Jennifer Malone?
(a) Edgarton.
(b) Jack Rogers.
(c) Norton's lawyers.
(d) Richman.

14. Who is the woman waiting for Casey in her office on Friday?
(a) A Chinese executive.
(b) A media trainer.
(c) A FBI investigator.
(d) A FAA investigator.

15. What does Casey tell Malone the events on Flight 545 began with?
(a) A bad part.
(b) A money exchange between the pilot and Marder.
(c) A sabotaged proximity sensor.
(d) A tired pilot.

Short Answer Questions

1. The morning of the interview with Jennifer Malone, when does Casey arrive at Norton?

2. Why does Malone attack Casey after the test flight?

3. Why doesn't Edgarton thank Casey in person?

4. What announcement does Marder make before he ends the interview with Jennifer?

5. What does Jack Rogers reveal about Norton during his interview with Jennifer Malone?

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