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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marder tell Jennifer the FAA did about the slat problem?
(a) The FAA forced all airlines to fix the problem.
(b) The FAA did nothing about the problem.
(c) The FAA forced foreign airlines to fix the problem.
(d) The FAA forced domestic airlines to fix the problem.

2. Who reveals to Casey that if the China deal falls through, a back-up deal has been made with Korea?
(a) Norma.
(b) Jennifer Malone.
(c) Marder.
(d) Richman.

3. Who does Marder speak with immediately after his interview with Jennifer Malone?
(a) Edgarton.
(b) Richman.
(c) Jack Rogers.
(d) John Chung.

4. During the interview with Jennifer Malone, what is Jack Rogers never allowed to explain?
(a) How hard Casey and her team are working.
(b) How he stumbled upon the Norton story.
(c) Why he is an expert in aircraft.
(d) Why he thinks Norton is in trouble.

5. What is the first thing Casey learns when Wong hooks up the QAR to his computer?
(a) There was a warning that the autopilot was broken.
(b) There was a report about the counterfeit locking pin before take off.
(c) There was an engine malfunction.
(d) There was a warning before the slats deployed.

6. The morning of the interview with Jennifer Malone, when does Casey arrive at Norton?
(a) Before 5 am.
(b) Before 6 am.
(c) Before 7 am.
(d) Before 8 am.

7. What was mistakenly put into the press packets that Reardon surprises Casey with during the interview?
(a) A report about the autopilot malfunction tendencies of the N-22.
(b) A report about the malfunctioning proximity sensors on the N-22.
(c) A report about the N-22's counterfeit parts.
(d) A report about the N-22's flight characteristics.

8. What safety precaution is Malone unhappy about on the plane?
(a) The seatbelt she must wear.
(b) The harness she must wear.
(c) The no smoking light.
(d) The oxygen mask she must wear.

9. What happens when the pilot deploys the slats mid flight?
(a) The plane begins to porpoise.
(b) Nothing significant happens.
(c) The locking pin comes lose.
(d) The autopilot comes on.

10. According to Casey's source, what would the deal with Korea involve?
(a) Moving Norton headquarters to Korea.
(b) Firing Edgarton.
(c) Giving Korea the majority in Norton stock.
(d) Giving Korea the wing.

11. What is the only new information Casey learns at the Thursday morning meeting with the investigative crew?
(a) One of the proximity sensors malfunctioned.
(b) The wheel deployment malfunctioned.
(c) The autopilot malfunctioned.
(d) One of the slats malfunctioned.

12. According to the test flight, why does the plane begin to dive and rise during Flight 545?
(a) Chang's son was fighting the autopilot.
(b) John Chang was fighting his son for control of the plane.
(c) The locking pin had slipped out when the slats tried to deploy.
(d) Chang's son didn't know how to turn off the slats.

13. After speaking with the audio technician, what does Casey confirm about the sound at the beginning of the video she found in the cockpit?
(a) It was the autopilot shutting off.
(b) It was a small explosion.
(c) It was the slats deploying.
(d) It was the proximity sensor breaking.

14. What is the main thing Barker discusses when he is interviewed by Jennifer Malone?
(a) The problems the N-22 has had with autopilot.
(b) The deal Norton has made with China.
(c) The problems Norton is having with their union.
(d) The problems the N-22 has had with slats.

15. Who is Casey going to lunch with to celebrate the end of the investigation?
(a) The investigative team.
(b) Edgarton.
(c) Norma.
(d) Teddy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Barker act in front of the cameras?

2. What does Casey learn from the QAR about Flight 545 that left it vulnerable to breaking apart in flight?

3. What does Casey begin to suspect Marder of after the interview with Jennifer Malone on Thursday morning?

4. What does one of the secretaries at Norton want to do with the video tape?

5. How does Malone's boss react when she details for him what took place during the test flight?

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