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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Casey learn from the QAR that suggests pilot error?
(a) The pilot turned off the autopilot.
(b) The pilot tells the co-pilot he isn't sure what to do.
(c) The pilot was fighting the autopilot.
(d) The pilot deployed the slats before landing.

2. According to Casey's source, what would the deal with Korea involve?
(a) Giving Korea the wing.
(b) Firing Edgarton.
(c) Moving Norton headquarters to Korea.
(d) Giving Korea the majority in Norton stock.

3. What does Casey find when she wakes up Friday morning?
(a) Her fall the day before resulted in a black eye.
(b) Her fall the day before resulted in a bruise on her face.
(c) Her fall the day before resulted in a sprained ankle.
(d) Her fall the day before resulted in a bruised wrist.

4. What does Marder do concerning the Newsline interview just to fluster Casey?
(a) He tells her is she messes up, she will be fired.
(b) He changes the interview to an earlier time.
(c) He takes her notes from her.
(d) He stays in the room while Casey is interviewed.

5. What is determined as the final cause of the incident on Flight 545?
(a) Fraudulant pilot certification.
(b) Counterfeit part malfunction.
(c) Pilot error.
(d) Commanded slat deployment.

6. What announcement does Marder make before he ends the interview with Jennifer?
(a) Norton will no longer be taking questions from press of any kind.
(b) Norton will issue a statement about Flight 545 the next day.
(c) Norton has ended the deal they made with China.
(d) Norton will issue a statement about Flight 545 in one week.

7. Who secretly follows Casey to the N-22 from Flight 545 Thursday night?
(a) Jennifer Malone.
(b) Edgarton.
(c) Richman.
(d) Marder.

8. What happens to Richman?
(a) He joins Marder's consulting company.
(b) He is arrested on drug charges.
(c) He is fired.
(d) He moves to Korea.

9. To get him away from the office on Thursday morning, what errand does Casey send Richman on?
(a) To review the data from the flight simulator.
(b) To pick up the in flight magazine.
(c) To bring paperwork to Norma.
(d) To get breakfast for the investigative crew.

10. What does Casey tell Reardon about the official Flight 545 Report?
(a) It will prove Norton's innocence.
(b) It will show that the cause of the incident is undetermined.
(c) It will be released the next day.
(d) It will show that Marder is guilty.

11. What causes Jennifer to stop interviewing Marder and start interviewing Casey?
(a) Marder explodes at Jennifer's questions.
(b) Marder leaves the room.
(c) Marder tells Jennifer that Casey will answer the rest of the questions.
(d) Casey cuts Marder off and begins answering questions.

12. What does Reardon tell Malone about Barker that could make Barker look bad?
(a) Barker used to be Casey's lover.
(b) Barker left the FAA under suspicious circumstances.
(c) Barker was fired from Norton two years ago.
(d) Barker is married to Marder's sister.

13. Who is Casey going to lunch with to celebrate the end of the investigation?
(a) Teddy.
(b) Norma.
(c) The investigative team.
(d) Edgarton.

14. What does Casey learn from the QAR about Flight 545 that left it vulnerable to breaking apart in flight?
(a) The cabin did not have an airtight seal.
(b) It had exceeded its G-load.
(c) The wings were not attached properly.
(d) It had counterfeit parts that weighed more than allowed.

15. When Casey views the video in slow motion, what does she finally see clearly?
(a) The panels in the cockpit.
(b) The first row of passengers.
(c) The cockpit.
(d) The pilot's face.

Short Answer Questions

1. What safety precaution is Malone unhappy about on the plane?

2. What does Marder tell Jennifer the FAA did about the slat problem?

3. What does Casey do when asked about the preliminary report during the interview?

4. How does Malone feel about the interviews she conducted on Thursday morning?

5. Why does John Chang leave his son in charge of the flight?

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