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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does John Chang leave his son in charge of the flight?
(a) John had to go to the bathroom.
(b) John was paid by Marder to let his son fly.
(c) John went to get a cup of coffee.
(d) John wanted to give his son a chance to learn the N-22.

2. What will Casey be doing at Norton on Saturday that Jennifer Malone insists on being a part of?
(a) Meeting with the FAA.
(b) A test flight.
(c) Interviewing the pilots.
(d) Revealing the details of her report.

3. What is Casey told during a phone call from Vancouver?
(a) One of the pilots wants to talk to her privately.
(b) One of the pilots has died.
(c) One of the pilots has hired a lawyer.
(d) One of the pilots committed suicide.

4. Where does the interview between Jennifer Malone and Marder take place?
(a) In Casey's office.
(b) In the hanger.
(c) In Marder's office.
(d) In the Norton lobby.

5. Why does Malone insist on being aboard the test flight?
(a) Her boss wants her to be on board.
(b) She doesn't trust Casey.
(c) She doesn't trust the cameras.
(d) She has no other way to travel back to Norton.

6. Who has to sign a document stating that information gained from the test flight was not obtained by a Norton employee?
(a) Richman.
(b) Marder.
(c) Casey.
(d) Jennifer.

7. When Casey arrives at Norton Friday morning, how many hours does she have until the interview?
(a) 3.
(b) 10.
(c) 5.
(d) 2.

8. What is Casey warned about concerning Marty Reardon?
(a) Reardon has his own agenda.
(b) Reardon likes to use a person's stress aganist them.
(c) Reardon is kind and gracious.
(d) Rearson likes to push people's buttons.

9. What lie does Barker tell about Norton during his interview with Jennifer Malone?
(a) Norton has known about the problem with slat deployment but has done nothing about it.
(b) Casey is running a cover-up of all Norton's problems.
(c) Marder paid Casey to stay quiet.
(d) Norton knows the cause of the incident on Flight 545 but will not reveal it to the public.

10. During the interview with Jennifer Malone, what is Jack Rogers never allowed to explain?
(a) Why he is an expert in aircraft.
(b) How he stumbled upon the Norton story.
(c) Why he thinks Norton is in trouble.
(d) How hard Casey and her team are working.

11. What is determined as the final cause of the incident on Flight 545?
(a) Counterfeit part malfunction.
(b) Fraudulant pilot certification.
(c) Commanded slat deployment.
(d) Pilot error.

12. Why does Reardon believe Norton is hiding the video footage from the cockpit?
(a) Because Casey is protecting her job.
(b) Because Norton is guilty of causing the accident.
(c) Because the video would end the deal with China.
(d) Because Marder wants to be president.

13. What decision is made about Malone's story?
(a) It will air after the China deal is final.
(b) It will be cancelled.
(c) It will air still focusing on slat deployment.
(d) It will air with the truth.

14. Who is Marty Reardon?
(a) One of Jennifer Malone's producers.
(b) One of Jennifer Malone's cameramen.
(c) One of Jennifer Malone's reporters.
(d) One of Jennifer Malone's assistants.

15. What does the makeup lady assume about Casey?
(a) She is used to being on camera.
(b) She is trying to become famous.
(c) She is an abused woman.
(d) She is the president of the company.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Casey learn from the QAR about Flight 545 that left it vulnerable to breaking apart in flight?

2. What happens to Malone as the pilot is reenacting what took place on Flight 545?

3. How does Marder react to Jennifer Malone's questions?

4. What does Marder tell Casey she needs to do on Friday morning?

5. What does Casey do when asked about the preliminary report during the interview?

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