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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Casey feel may be the key to figuring out what happened on Flight 545?
(a) The sound on the video before the incident begins.
(b) Taking the wing apart.
(c) The conversation between the pilot and co-pilots.
(d) Speaking with the pilot and co-pilots.

2. Where did Casey Singleton send her daughter to the morning of the troubled flight?
(a) To a summer camp.
(b) To a scheduled visit with Casey's mother.
(c) To a scheduled visit with Casey's father.
(d) To a scheduled visit with her daughter's father.

3. What does Casey ask the video store technician to do to the video from the cockpit?
(a) Edit it.
(b) Slow it down.
(c) Speed it up.
(d) Destroy it.

4. What caused the accident of the N22 being covered on television?
(a) A engine explosion.
(b) A malfunction of autopilot.
(c) Pilot error.
(d) Slat deployment.

5. While inspecting the plane, what does Casey see stuck in an overhead compartment?
(a) A piece of luggage.
(b) The remnants of a bomb.
(c) A dead man.
(d) A video camera.

6. While eating at a local restaurant, what does Casey see on television?
(a) Actual footage of Flight 545.
(b) Breaking news about another accident involving an N-22.
(c) A report stating that Marder is being investigated by the FAA.
(d) A report about Flight 545.

7. Why does Casey ask an accountant to view the video from the cockpit?
(a) The accountant used to be a designer at Norton.
(b) The accountant can translate the conversation.
(c) The accountant is the wife of the pilot.
(d) The accountant is a friend of Casey.

8. When Casey first boards the damaged plane, what does she conclude is part of the problem?
(a) A mechanical error.
(b) Turbulence.
(c) Porpoising.
(d) An act of terrorism.

9. How long does Casey Singleton have to investigate the incident from the troubled flight?
(a) One year.
(b) One week.
(c) As long as she needs.
(d) One month.

10. While inspecting the plane what does Casey see on nearly every surface?
(a) Water.
(b) Engine oil.
(c) Blood.
(d) Gasoline.

11. When Casey arrives at Norton Wednesday morning, what does Marder ask her to do?
(a) Falsify a report on the N-22.
(b) Talk to the media waiting outside.
(c) Put together a press release.
(d) Call JAA.

12. What makes Casey rule out pilot error as the cause of the troubled flight before she even inspects the aircraft?
(a) The co-pilot confirms the pilot's story.
(b) The pilot personally received training at Norton Aircraft.
(c) Pilot error does not fit in with the chain of events.
(d) The flight data recorder shows no pilot error.

13. What causes chaos when Casey is walking through hanger 64 with Richman?
(a) A massive tool falling.
(b) An executive from China confronting Casey.
(c) Reporters who have been let into the hanger.
(d) Don Brull's confronting of Casey and Richman.

14. When the flight began to experience trouble, what did a young married father drop?
(a) His briefcase.
(b) His infant daughter.
(c) His laptop.
(d) His video camera.

15. Who tells Jennifer Malone Norton is having internal problems with their union?
(a) Jack Rogers.
(b) Casey.
(c) Bob Richman.
(d) Don Brull.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the purpose of a locking pin?

2. Since Casey is weary of Richman, where does she send him on errands during the investigation on Wednesday?

3. What makes Casey rule out turbulence as the cause of the troubled flight before she even inspects the aircraft?

4. What reason does Bob Richman give Casey when she confronts him about his time away when he was working in marketing?

5. What does Casey learn about the Flight Data Recorder?

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