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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Saturday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The morning of the interview with Jennifer Malone, when does Casey arrive at Norton?
(a) Before 6 am.
(b) Before 5 am.
(c) Before 7 am.
(d) Before 8 am.

2. Who tells Casey the pilot said the problem was caused by uncommanded slat deployment?
(a) A stewardess.
(b) A passenger.
(c) The FAA inspector.
(d) The co-pilot.

3. Why does Casey climb a plane that is being constructed?
(a) She wants to look at how locking pins are installed.
(b) She wants to inspect N-22 slats for herself.
(c) She is trying to get away from two men who are following her.
(d) She needs to talk to the chief builder.

4. When Casey follows the repair reports for the N-22 involved in Flight 545, what does she find?
(a) The locking pin had never been replaced.
(b) The locking pin and other parts had been replaced.
(c) The autopilot had been replaced.
(d) The slats had been damaged.

5. How does Jack Rogers answer questions during his interview with Jennifer Malone?
(a) In long drawn out paragraphs.
(b) With confidence.
(c) In monosyllables.
(d) With lots of mumbling.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is JAA?

2. Who confirms Casey's conclusion that slat deployment did not cause the trouble on the flight?

3. How does Casey get down from the top of the plane?

4. What finally causes the plane to right itself?

5. How does John's son try to clear the disagree warning that came up?

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