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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Saturday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At a staff meeting at Norton Aircraft, which airframe does Casey learn is involved in the troubled flight?
(a) A DC-10
(b) A N-22.
(c) A 757.
(d) A 747.

2. What part of the N-22 does Casey want to tear apart but can't because of time restrictions?
(a) The engine.
(b) The slats.
(c) The wing.
(d) The autopilot mechanism.

3. What happens to Richman?
(a) He is arrested on drug charges.
(b) He is fired.
(c) He moves to Korea.
(d) He joins Marder's consulting company.

4. What does Marder tell Casey to say during her Friday morning interview with Jennifer Malone?
(a) The incident on Flight 545 was caused by a countefeit proximity sensor.
(b) The incident on Flight 545 was caused by a counterfeit locking pin.
(c) The incident ofnFlight 545 was caused by a counterfeit slat.
(d) The incident on Flight 545 was caused by a counterfeit thruster cowl.

5. According to Jack Rogers, why does he think rumors in the plant stem from John Mader?
(a) Because he is working for Mader.
(b) Because Jack finds a note from Mader.
(c) Because Don Brull tells him Mader started the rumor.
(d) Because Mader wants to be president.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did the pilot of the troubled flight make an emergency landing?

2. How does Jack Rogers act in front of the cameras?

3. What does one of the secretaries at Norton want to do with the video tape?

4. What does Casey do when asked about the preliminary report during the interview?

5. What happens to Marder?

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