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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While eating at a local restaurant, what does Casey see on television?
(a) A report stating that Marder is being investigated by the FAA.
(b) A report about Flight 545.
(c) Breaking news about another accident involving an N-22.
(d) Actual footage of Flight 545.

2. What is Jennifer's boss afraid the story about Flight 545 might turn into?
(a) A boring piece that no one will be interested in.
(b) A media frenzy.
(c) Jennifer's only focus.
(d) A faulty parts story.

3. What does Casey call the footage from the camera she found in the cockpit?
(a) Troublesome.
(b) Disturbing.
(c) Terrifying.
(d) Inconclusive.

4. After speaking with the audio technician, what does Casey confirm about the sound at the beginning of the video she found in the cockpit?
(a) It was the proximity sensor breaking.
(b) It was a small explosion.
(c) It was the slats deploying.
(d) It was the autopilot shutting off.

5. What makes Casey rule out pilot error as the cause of the troubled flight before she even inspects the aircraft?
(a) The co-pilot confirms the pilot's story.
(b) The flight data recorder shows no pilot error.
(c) The pilot personally received training at Norton Aircraft.
(d) Pilot error does not fit in with the chain of events.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Casey Singleton's job at Norton Aircraft?

2. What does Marder tell Jennifer Malone about the slat deployment issue?

3. Why does the cameraman call for a break?

4. Why is Jennifer Malone looking for a new story?

5. Who tells Jennifer Malone Norton is having internal problems with their union?

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