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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Casey think Marder ordered security details for all those on the investigation team?
(a) Because of the rumors at the plant.
(b) Because of threats from the pilot's union.
(c) Because it is company policy.
(d) Because of a threatening letter sent to Norton.

2. What does Casey tell Jack Rogers about the N-22?
(a) It has never been involved in an accident.
(b) It has a good safety record.
(c) It will be discontinued.
(d) It has a flawed design.

3. What does Marder do concerning the Newsline interview just to fluster Casey?
(a) He stays in the room while Casey is interviewed.
(b) He tells her is she messes up, she will be fired.
(c) He changes the interview to an earlier time.
(d) He takes her notes from her.

4. What does one of the secretaries at Norton want to do with the video tape?
(a) Destroy it.
(b) Leak it to the press.
(c) Hide it from Casey.
(d) Show it to Marder.

5. After further investigation, what part of the N-22 does Casey realize may not have been inspected?
(a) The locking pins.
(b) The autopilot.
(c) The slats.
(d) The proximity sensor.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Casey receives the magazine Wednesday's fax is taken from, what does she see?

2. According to Jack Rogers, why does he think rumors in the plant stem from John Mader?

3. How does Casey get down from the top of the plane?

4. Who is the woman waiting for Casey in her office on Friday?

5. Who is already at work when Casey arrives early Thursday morning?

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