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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Thursday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What announcement does Marder make before he ends the interview with Jennifer?
(a) Norton has ended the deal they made with China.
(b) Norton will no longer be taking questions from press of any kind.
(c) Norton will issue a statement about Flight 545 in one week.
(d) Norton will issue a statement about Flight 545 the next day.

2. Where on the plane does a female American passenger hear a noise before the incident?
(a) In an overhead compartment.
(b) On the wing.
(c) In the bathroom.
(d) In the cockpit.

3. While eating at a local restaurant, what does Casey see on television?
(a) A report stating that Marder is being investigated by the FAA.
(b) A report about Flight 545.
(c) Actual footage of Flight 545.
(d) Breaking news about another accident involving an N-22.

4. How does Casey get down from the top of the plane?
(a) She is pushed off.
(b) She climbs down scaffolding.
(c) She slides down the wing.
(d) She jumps onto a tarp.

5. A profitable deal with what country is pending, until the findings of the troubled flight are revealed?
(a) Canada.
(b) China.
(c) Saudi Arabia.
(d) Japan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who reports the plane's activity to the FAA?

2. Who is Jennifer Malone?

3. Who tells Jennifer Malone Norton is having internal problems with their union?

4. Where did Casey Singleton send her daughter to the morning of the troubled flight?

5. How does Malone feel about the interviews she conducted on Thursday morning?

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