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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Wednesday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Jennifer Malone looking for a new story?
(a) Her last story proved to be untrue.
(b) One of her current stories has been cancelled.
(c) She wants a promotion.
(d) Her boss wants a story no one else had covered.

2. What does Casey tell Jack Rogers about the N-22?
(a) It has never been involved in an accident.
(b) It has a flawed design.
(c) It has a good safety record.
(d) It will be discontinued.

3. Who does Casey send the Flight Data Recorder information to?
(a) The FAA.
(b) Flight simulations.
(c) John Marder.
(d) Jack Rogers.

4. During the second phase of the investigation, what does Casey decide to focus on?
(a) The passenger interviews.
(b) The air traffic controller's statement.
(c) The pilot's statements.
(d) The autopilot mechanism.

5. When Casey runs into Don Brull, in addition to reminding her that the wing is going to China, what does he tell her about the wing tools?
(a) They are being sent to Korea.
(b) They are being sold off to another company.
(c) They are being sent to China as well.
(d) They are being sabatoged.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Jennifer Malone?

2. Where on the plane does a female American passenger hear a noise before the incident?

3. What does ex-FAA agent Fred Barker tell Jennifer Malone about the N-22?

4. How long had it been since the Norton Aircraft had had trouble with slat deployment?

5. At home Wednesday evening, Casey receives a call from Marder informing her about what?

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