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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Wednesday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Casey and Kenny Burne find as they further investigate the N-22 from Flight 545?
(a) Another video camara.
(b) The American passenger's laptop.
(c) More counterfeit parts.
(d) Another data voice recorder.

2. Which one is not a possibility for the cause of the trouble with the flight?
(a) An electrical malfunction.
(b) Slats deployment.
(c) Loss of engine power.
(d) A problem with autopilot.

3. When Casey arrives at Norton Wednesday morning, what does Marder ask her to do?
(a) Falsify a report on the N-22.
(b) Put together a press release.
(c) Call JAA.
(d) Talk to the media waiting outside.

4. Who is Teddy Rawley?
(a) A reporter.
(b) A test pilot at Norton.
(c) A investigator working for both sides.
(d) An irrate union worker.

5. What are the workers doing to show their displeasure at the work being sent to China?
(a) Sending letters to John Marder.
(b) Refusing to finish the wings.
(c) Protesting outside Norton Aircraft.
(d) Staging a work slowdown.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the FAA official order the flight crew from the troubled flight to do?

2. What is Amos's job at Norton Aircraft?

3. What caused the accident of the N22 being covered on television?

4. What part of the N-22 does Casey want to tear apart but can't because of time restrictions?

5. While inspecting the plane what does Casey see on nearly every surface?

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