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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Monday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At a staff meeting at Norton Aircraft, which airframe does Casey learn is involved in the troubled flight?
(a) A 757.
(b) A DC-10
(c) A N-22.
(d) A 747.

2. Who does Casey say usually knows everything going on at Norton Aircraft?
(a) The man in charge of the mailroom.
(b) Her assistant.
(c) The president of the company.
(d) Her secretary.

3. Where did the troubled flight leave from?
(a) Hong Kong.
(b) England.
(c) New York City.
(d) China.

4. Who reports the plane's activity to the FAA?
(a) A passenger on the flight.
(b) The air traffic controller.
(c) Casey Singleton.
(d) The pilot.

5. Which one is not a possibility for the cause of the trouble with the flight?
(a) A problem with autopilot.
(b) Loss of engine power.
(c) An electrical malfunction.
(d) Slats deployment.

Short Answer Questions

1. While inspecting the plane what does Casey see on nearly every surface?

2. Who is upset about the deal with China and might try to sabotage Casey's investigation of the troubled flight?

3. What does the FAA official order the flight crew from the troubled flight to do?

4. What reason does the pilot of the troubled flight give for the plane's problems?

5. When Casey first boards the damaged plane, what does she conclude is part of the problem?

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