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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Casey Singleton's job at Norton Aircraft?
(a) Head of Quality Assurance.
(b) Head of Human Resources.
(c) Chief Financial Officer.
(d) Chief Investigator.

2. Norma gives Casey a fax of a magazine page with a picture of whom?
(a) Bob Richmand.
(b) Harold Edgarton.
(c) John Marder.
(d) John Chung.

3. A profitable deal with what country is pending, until the findings of the troubled flight are revealed?
(a) Canada.
(b) Japan.
(c) Saudi Arabia.
(d) China.

4. What is the purpose of a locking pin?
(a) It holds the Flight Data Recorder in place during flight.
(b) It holds the slats in place during flight.
(c) It holds the wheels in place during flight.
(d) It holds the cockpit doors in place during flight.

5. What is Casey told during a phone call from Vancouver?
(a) One of the pilots has died.
(b) One of the pilots committed suicide.
(c) One of the pilots has hired a lawyer.
(d) One of the pilots wants to talk to her privately.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does ex-FAA agent Fred Barker tell Jennifer Malone about the N-22?

2. What does Marder tell Casey to say during her Friday morning interview with Jennifer Malone?

3. When Casey receives the magazine Wednesday's fax is taken from, what does she see?

4. Why is Jennifer Malone looking for a new story?

5. What is the main thing Barker discusses when he is interviewed by Jennifer Malone?

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