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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While eating at a local restaurant, what does Casey see on television?
(a) Actual footage of Flight 545.
(b) A report about Flight 545.
(c) A report stating that Marder is being investigated by the FAA.
(d) Breaking news about another accident involving an N-22.

2. What does Marder tell Casey she needs to do on Friday morning?
(a) Meet him in the flight simulator.
(b) Fire the investigative team.
(c) Another interview with Jennifer Malone.
(d) Meet with the executives from China.

3. Why does Casey take a copy of the tape to the audio interpretation lab?
(a) She wants another opinion on the noises she hears.
(b) She wants the screaming to be removed so she can hear other noises.
(c) She wants to isolate the conversation in the cockpit.
(d) She wants to know the source of the sound right before the incident.

4. What does Reardon begin questioning early in the interview?
(a) Whether or not the story will lead anywhere.
(b) The lack of genuine parts on the N-22.
(c) The safety of the N-22.
(d) Casey's credentials.

5. Why hasn't Casey spoken with the pilot and co-pilots from Flight 545?
(a) They won't return her phone calls.
(b) They left immediately after the incident.
(c) Their lawyer told them not to speak to her.
(d) They only speak Chinese.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the morning meeting, Casey and the investigative team discuss a plane that never flew again because of one accident. What plane was this?

2. How does Barker act in front of the cameras?

3. What does Marder tell Casey to say during her Friday morning interview with Jennifer Malone?

4. Where is Jennifer Malone staying while waiting to interview Marder?

5. Why does Casey think Marder ordered security details for all those on the investigation team?

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