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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Thursday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To get him away from the office on Thursday morning, what errand does Casey send Richman on?
(a) To get breakfast for the investigative crew.
(b) To review the data from the flight simulator.
(c) To bring paperwork to Norma.
(d) To pick up the in flight magazine.

2. When the plane from Flight 545 is brought back to Norton, what is peculiar about the locking pin a member of the investigative team found?
(a) It is not the original.
(b) It is missing.
(c) It is rusted.
(d) It is damaged.

3. What does Marder tell Casey she needs to do on Friday morning?
(a) Another interview with Jennifer Malone.
(b) Meet him in the flight simulator.
(c) Fire the investigative team.
(d) Meet with the executives from China.

4. What lie does Barker tell about Norton during his interview with Jennifer Malone?
(a) Casey is running a cover-up of all Norton's problems.
(b) Norton has known about the problem with slat deployment but has done nothing about it.
(c) Marder paid Casey to stay quiet.
(d) Norton knows the cause of the incident on Flight 545 but will not reveal it to the public.

5. Why does Casey climb a plane that is being constructed?
(a) She needs to talk to the chief builder.
(b) She wants to inspect N-22 slats for herself.
(c) She is trying to get away from two men who are following her.
(d) She wants to look at how locking pins are installed.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the second phase of the investigation, what does Casey decide to focus on?

2. Who is Jennifer Malone?

3. Who secretly follows Casey to the N-22 from Flight 545 Thursday night?

4. When Casey follows the repair reports for the N-22 involved in Flight 545, what does she find?

5. How many people were injured on the troubled flight being investigated by Norton Aircraft?

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