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Chapter Abstracts

* Casey Singleton, Quality Assurance Executive at Norton Aircraft is introduced.

* Flight 545 from Hong Kong to Denver is investigated for a troubled flight.

* The troubled flight resulted in 3 deaths and 56 injuries.

* Casey and her team learn they have one week to determine the cause of the trouble on the flight.

* Casey meets her new assistant, Bob Richman, who is interning with Norton.

* If the cause of the troubled flight is not determined quickly, Norton could lose its deal with China for 20 N-22s.

* Some causes Casey and her team think may have caused the trouble on the aircraft are turbulence, slats deployment, an electrical malfunction, or a problem with thrust reversers.

* Casey determines the plane was porpoising.

* Casey finds a video camera in the cockpit and takes it for evidence.

* It is revealed that the N-22 had trouble with slat deployment 4 years earlier but the problem had been...

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