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Richard A. Clarke
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is expected to happen on August 20, 1998?

2. Clarke models his work with Will Wechsler after seeing success against what other crime group?

3. What characteristic does Usama bin Laden look for in jihad availability?

4. How does Clarke help prepare, but not frighten the public about homeland terrorism?

5. Who is the first foreign rescue team to arrive in Africa when a terrorist attack hits U.S. soil?

Short Essay Questions

1. List in detail the concerns Clarke has in protecting the troops during the first Iraq War against "special" weapons.

2. According to Clarke, what credit does he give Usama bin Laden?

3. How does Afghanistan fare after the Soviets leave at the end of the 1980's? When does Usama bin Laden return, and why at this particular time?

4. What rejuvenates Intelligence agencies in rethinking al Qaeda? How is this achieved?

5. Explain Theme Days and how Clarke handles his counter -terrorism Theme Day?

6. What are the results of al Qaeda's first act of war against the U.S. since their issued fatwa? How does it affect more than just U.S. citizens?

7. What are the general American reactions to U.S.'s retaliation with missiles? How do they come to this conclusion? Is it reasonable?

8. What Millennium attack plans are foiled and how are they foiled?

9. What are the major problems that prevent reasoning with the Taliban?

10. What are Rice's views of CSG when she works in the NSC for George W. Bush's administration?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What ethical, moral and political principals must be considered when making executive decisions that concern illegal acts such as snatches and assassinations? When is it right? Is it ever right? Provide at least two examples of when a President must consider these dilemmas. What does the President decide and how does he come to his conclusion?

Essay Topic 2

Compare Reagan and George H.W. Bush's non-military response to Clinton and George W. Bush's military response to terrorism. Which avenue seems to work better? What other influences are there that determines the effectiveness of a response?

Essay Topic 3

Terrorism involves many departments. Briefly explain the roles of each department that is represented in CSG. What are their roles? How well do they fight terrorism? How do the departments work with one another?

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