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Richard A. Clarke
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With Executive Order 13099, what does Clarke finally get to focus on?
(a) Chemical agents in Shifa.
(b) Bioterrorism.
(c) Stopping terrorism financing.
(d) Prevention and not just response.

2. To get fresh eyes looking for bin Laden, what does the CSG turn to?
(a) American born Afghanistans that are loyal to the U.S.
(b) Left behind dissidents in Sudan.
(c) Predators, (unmanned aircrafts).
(d) Allying with Russia.

3. How is the CIA sure that Iraq has a chemical weapons program?
(a) From a surprise U.N. inspection.
(b) Hussein threatens Clinton with it.
(c) Iraq used them on Iran when U.S. was helping Iraq.
(d) CIA intelligence shows an "agriculture" building as the research center.

4. What is Sandy Berger's advice to Clarke to get varying departments concerned about chemical/biological weapons prevention and response?
(a) Offer increased budgets with their participation.
(b) Scare them into it.
(c) Threaten budget cuts.
(d) Flatter them on their department's useful knowledge and know-how.

5. What prompts Health and Human Services to attend a CSG meeting for the first time?
(a) Anthrax is found in a Cogressman's mail.
(b) A chemical agent is released in Tokyo.
(c) The Pentagon wants to start a biological weapons program.
(d) Clinton wants to initiate a national medical emergency plan.

Short Answer Questions

1. No longer part of the Principals Committee, who does CSG now report to?

2. What does Clarke work on with Arms Control Director Ron Lehmen to verify "innocent' chemical plants?

3. What does the Millennium After Action review mostly focus on?

4. Why is the Pol-Mil Plan called "Top Secret Delenda?"

5. How does Watson get FBI supervisors to participate in looking for al Qaeda cells?

Short Essay Questions

1. In detail, describe the Cabinet meeting that gives the departments a wake-up call about how the U.S. lacks a chemical, biological and nuclear weapons response system.

2. How is Pakistan involved with al Qaeda? How are Pakistan and U.S. relations? As plans are developed to retaliate against al Qaeda, why is Pakistan mentioned and considered?

3. In terms of taking action against terrorism, where does the White House stand? The Pentagon? How is this seen in their decisions?

4. What are the details in CSG's plan to snatch Usama bin Laden? Why is it vetoed?

5. How is Clarke able to get funds for embassy hardening? What stops him and who helps him?

6. Explain Theme Days and how Clarke handles his counter -terrorism Theme Day?

7. Explain Karl Rove's strategy that Republicans use in election years. How does this strategy turn out?

8. According to Clarke, what credit does he give Usama bin Laden?

9. What is a Pol-Mil Plan? How does it get started?

10. What are the general American reactions to U.S.'s retaliation with missiles? How do they come to this conclusion? Is it reasonable?

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