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Richard A. Clarke
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news does the FAA give that causes silence in the CSG meeting on 9/11?
(a) There is another off-course flight heading towards the Sears Tower.
(b) They are unable to give orders to ground all flights.
(c) The names of the passengers on board include al Qaeda.
(d) Reports of 11 off-course flights or out of communication flights may be hijacked.

2. Who else wants to convict Omar Abdel Rahman for terrorism?
(a) Afghanistan.
(b) Saudi Arabia.
(c) Egypt.
(d) Lebanon.

3. Who does Iran get on their side to overthrow the Khalifas?
(a) Bahraini refugees in Oman.
(b) The Bahraini Shi'a.
(c) Sunni minority in Bahrain.
(d) The Bahraini military.

4. How does Clarke begin making enemies with his own government?
(a) Becoming too close to Israelis.
(b) Getting too close to Reagan and funneling money into his department.
(c) Publicly scrutinizing the idea that they are involved with the Middle East.
(d) Admonishing the Reagan administration for their strategies.

5. Which country noticeably does not attend the International Summit on Terrorism?
(a) Iran.
(b) Iraq.
(c) Saudi Arabia.
(d) Lebanon.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1996, who does the U.S. fear will plan terrorist attacks on Americans?

2. Where does Clinton get assurance that the U.S. bomb hit its target in Iraq?

3. Clarke believes the "Caliphate" movement will result in what kind of society?

4. What mistake does the U.S.S. Vincennes make?

5. After homeland issues are assured in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, what is the Situation Room's next topic?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the Saudi Arabian government threaten bin Laden? How does Usama bin Laden remain strong despite these threats?

2. How does Iraq involve Israel into the Persian Gulf War? How is this a smart strategy for Iraq?

3. What is the conversation between Watson from the FBI and Clarke on a secure line concerning the 9/11 terrorists during the counter-terrorism security group (CSG) meeting? Why does Watson want this conversation on a secure line and not in teleconference with all the other groups?

4. For the first time, on 9/11 Clarke is able to think as he walks from the Situation Room (SR) to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC). What are his thoughts at this time? How might this foreshadow information that may come later in the book?

5. What is different about the terrorists involved with the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 than terrorists from previous attacks?

6. What is Reagan's reaction to Hezbollah and other attacks? How does this set up a certain way of thinking in the Middle East?

7. How do Congress and the Clinton administration try to weaken Iran?

8. How does Usama bin Laden become involved in the efforts of Afghanistan?

9. Give a briefing as Clarke does to Bush when they have a teleconference meeting for the first time after the attacks. What happened the morning of 9/11? What are the "Response Actions?"

10. What is the Afghan Services Bureau? What does the CIA believe it is?

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