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Richard A. Clarke
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What confounds the Counter-terrorism Security Group about the World Trade Center bombing?
(a) How the terrorist group got into the WTC.
(b) The unknown names and unfamiliar terrorist group responsible.
(c) The type of bomb utilized in the attack.
(d) Why the WTC would be a target.

2. What is the U.N. Special Commission's (UNSCOM) job?
(a) To keep an alliance of the Arab nations intact.
(b) To oversee Hussein's punishment.
(c) To oversee the rebuilding of Kuwait.
(d) Require Iraq to destroy chemical, biological, nuclear, missile programs.

3. What is the general response as Clarke and his team make an effort for an air defense system in D.C.?
(a) They think he is creative, but disagree with the immediate need.
(b) They think he is nuts.
(c) They completely agree and back him.
(d) They believe he is too involved with conspiracy theories.

4. El Sayyid Nosair's legal bills are paid by whom?
(a) Iran Revolutionary Guards.
(b) Hussein.
(c) Hezbollah.
(d) Usama bin Laden.

5. What does Iran continue to do despite U.S. sanctions on them?
(a) Continue arms trade with South Africa.
(b) Fund terrorism against Syria.
(c) Export oil to the U.K.
(d) Exports oil to the U.S.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the Soviet Union offer to help, and in what way?

2. What angers Usama bin Laden about Americans in Saudi Arabia?

3. How does the U.S. affect the Iran-Iraq war?

4. As Clarke and other national levels get together, what does the mayor of New York City order?

5. In 1996, who does the U.S. fear will plan terrorist attacks on Americans?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how the U.S. is able to act fast with many of the Arab Nations and allow the U.S. troops to come into their country just previous to the Persian Gulf War.

2. What is the dispute between the FBI and Clarke concerning Air Marshalls?

3. What is different about the terrorists involved with the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 than terrorists from previous attacks?

4. What are the pros/cons of strengthening the relationship with Israel?

5. Why does Iraq's attack on Kuwait concern the U.S. and other nations? What are the countries fearful of?

6. How does Usama bin Laden become involved in the efforts of Afghanistan?

7. For the first time, on 9/11 Clarke is able to think as he walks from the Situation Room (SR) to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC). What are his thoughts at this time? How might this foreshadow information that may come later in the book?

8. Describe Saudi Arabia's situation as Iraq starts to look into Kuwait. What options does the Saudi King have? What factors must he consider in his decisions?

9. How is bin Laden affiliated with the World Trade Center bombing?

10. What is Clarke's stance on conspiracy theories? How does he come to this conclusion?

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