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Richard A. Clarke
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Under the Bush administration, who chairs the NSC Principals meeting?
(a) Clarke.
(b) Cheney.
(c) Rice.
(d) Ashcroft.

2. Why do some people feel secure about future terrorist attacks?
(a) The CIA and FBI are at their best at the moment.
(b) Nearly all the terrorists are caught or dead.
(c) They feel the U.S. is too far away for a big attack to happen.
(d) The U.S. has the biggest, baddest army in the world.

3. What does Clinton reputedly say, as written in "USA Today" in 2001?
(a) "I tried to take bin Laden out... the last four years I was in office."
(b) "I fought terrorism to the best of my ability, but it is up to civilians to educate themselves."
(c) "I wish Bush great luck... Maybe he'll have a better chance at getting al Qaeda."
(d) "We prevented many attacks that are unknown. This fight continues into the next presidency."

4. What does Powell suggest to fight the al Qaeda threat?
(a) Use U.S.-supporting Afghans to infiltrate al Qaeda cells.
(b) Ally with Russia and other countries for unsuspected intelligence resources.
(c) Massive attack on Afghanistan training camps.
(d) Put pressure on Pakistan to ally with the U.S. and against theTaliban and al Qaeda.

5. What assures Clarke of the "conceptual breakthrough" that terrorism is now a concern for many?
(a) Public Health agencies meeting ont he subject.
(b) Shalala saying Health and Human Services is a key part in the fight against terrorism.
(c) The media's greater interest in his work.
(d) 20/20 does a special on chemical and biological weapons.

6. How is the CIA sure that Iraq has a chemical weapons program?
(a) Iraq used them on Iran when U.S. was helping Iraq.
(b) CIA intelligence shows an "agriculture" building as the research center.
(c) From a surprise U.N. inspection.
(d) Hussein threatens Clinton with it.

7. What is Sandy Berger's advice to Clarke to get varying departments concerned about chemical/biological weapons prevention and response?
(a) Scare them into it.
(b) Offer increased budgets with their participation.
(c) Threaten budget cuts.
(d) Flatter them on their department's useful knowledge and know-how.

8. What is Iraq's reported plan to deter the U.S. from invading?
(a) They will simulate a nuclear weapons attack.
(b) They will use chemical weapons on U.S. ships.
(c) They will bring suicide bombers into the U.S.
(d) They will take hostages from the U.S. Embassy.

9. What report does an Arab leader give the consul general?
(a) Hussein is setting up an assasination attempt on Clarke.
(b) Hussein is looking for chemical engineers for his weapons program.
(c) bin Laden is asking for leads to a chemical weapons program.
(d) Usama bin Laden has a contract out to kill Clarke.

10. How does bin Laden's network help Bosnia?
(a) He sends men, arms, and money to fight against the Serbs.
(b) He finances their war.
(c) He plans terrorist attacks on President Izetbegovic.
(d) He allies with them against Russia.

11. Near the end of Clinton's administration, what is one of his main focuses?
(a) Isreali-Palestinian agreement.
(b) Rebuilding Bosnia.
(c) Bombing Afghanistan.
(d) Domestic security.

12. How does Watson get FBI supervisors to participate in looking for al Qaeda cells?
(a) He threatens their bonuses, promotion and city assignments.
(b) He shows them evidence that cells exist in their cities.
(c) He gets Gore to speak directly with them.
(d) He promises bonuses when he gets information on al Qaeda.

13. The Principals agree to examine what policy?
(a) Policy on targeted assassinations.
(b) Policy on "retaliation."
(c) Policy on snatches.
(d) Policy on sanctions.

14. What does Clarke work on with Arms Control Director Ron Lehmen to verify "innocent' chemical plants?
(a) A Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty.
(b) An Alternative Energy Pact.
(c) A Weapons of Mass Destruction Protocol.
(d) A Nuclear Power Inspection Committee.

15. What does Cofer Black inform Clarke in early December 1999?
(a) DOD will no longer be able to finance their attack operations for counter-terrorism.
(b) Jordan infiltrated an al Qaeda cell with numerous millenium attack plans.
(c) al Qaeda cells are now known to be in the U.S.
(d) Times Square is a prime target for an al Qaeda attack.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of the three initiatives Clarke presents, which is the most troubling to cabinet members?

2. Where does O'Neill get Aum's contact information?

3. How does the U.S. plan to pass Pakistan airspace without issues?

4. Why is the Pol-Mil Plan called "Top Secret Delenda?"

5. What does Ressam's custody lead to?

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