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Richard A. Clarke
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens on August 7, 1998?
(a) Clinton's interrogation over his personal scandal.
(b) Marine barracks bombed in Lebanon.
(c) TWA 800 flight explodes.
(d) U.S. embassies bombed in Tanzania and Kenya.

2. What surprises Powell when he observes a meeting between CSG, NSC, State, Defense, CIA, FBI, and military?
(a) All agree that al Qaeda is a threat.
(b) How smooth the meeting is run.
(c) How defensive each department is in their role.
(d) How they lack in communication abilities.

3. What assures Clarke of the "conceptual breakthrough" that terrorism is now a concern for many?
(a) 20/20 does a special on chemical and biological weapons.
(b) Public Health agencies meeting ont he subject.
(c) The media's greater interest in his work.
(d) Shalala saying Health and Human Services is a key part in the fight against terrorism.

4. As an Assistant Secretary of State, what information does Clarke learn about the Soviet Union's weapons programs?
(a) They never had a valid biological or chemical weapons program to fear.
(b) They were properly destroyed in 1973.
(c) They instituted a biological weapons program in 1984.
(d) They did not destroy their biological weapons programs in 1973.

5. Who vetoes the snatch against Usama bin Laden in 96-97?
(a) Clarke and Tenet.
(b) Clinton and Gore.
(c) Tony Lake.
(d) Janet Reno.

6. What key point is indicated in the Dayton Accord?
(a) The Serbian army must leave and evacuate Bosnia within a month.
(b) The muj must leave Bosnia after the war.
(c) The U.S. and U.K. will no longer finanically help Bosnia if they remain in war.
(d) The Russians are not allowed to enter Bosnian territory in the future.

7. What happens to Clarke's best show-and-tell for his "Theme Day?"
(a) The Mass Decontamination Vehicle gets towed away.
(b) The Mass Decontamination Vehicle gest struck in traffic and does not show.
(c) The Mass Decontamination Vehicle catches on fire.
(d) The Mass Decontamination Vehicle does not work during a demonstration.

8. Why does the CSG not take extra measures to snatch Khalid Sheik Muhammad?
(a) They believe Muhammad is a bumbling fool and thinks it will be easy.
(b) Division within CSG takes over the goal of the snatch.
(c) Qatar's government gives them no choice.
(d) They do not realize he is the mastermind behind WTC until after 9/11.

9. What does bin Laden and Zawahiri do to gain Rahman's release?
(a) Publicly announce war on Egypt and the U.S. on BBC if they do not release him.
(b) Send suicide bombers outside Rahman's prison.
(c) Kill tourists and stuff them with leaflets calling for his release.
(d) Take hostages from the U.S. Embassy in Egypt.

10. To get fresh eyes looking for bin Laden, what does the CSG turn to?
(a) Allying with Russia.
(b) Left behind dissidents in Sudan.
(c) Predators, (unmanned aircrafts).
(d) American born Afghanistans that are loyal to the U.S.

11. What is the government's response to the rise in terrorism during Clinton's administration?
(a) Some are alarmed, but most do not see the urgency.
(b) Most go to work waiting for something big to happen.
(c) The Pentagon seems worried, but the White House does not see the urgency.
(d) Senior officials feel prepared and are not worried.

12. How does Clarke help prepare, but not frighten the public about homeland terrorism?
(a) By assuring the government has a handle on defenses.
(b) His ability to use laymen's words and not medical jargon.
(c) By downplaying its possibility in the near future.
(d) Through a series of briefings and speeches such as that on 60 minutes.

13. What is expected to happen on August 20, 1998?
(a) U.S. will bomb Iran.
(b) Snipers are to take out bin Laden.
(c) Congress will vote on Clinton's impeachment.
(d) Usama bin Laden is to meet his high officials.

14. What does Ressam's custody lead to?
(a) Attack plans on Times Square.
(b) An ex-cab driver in Boston.
(c) Attack plans on a Radisson Hotel for Millenium New Year.
(d) A sleeper cell in Montreal.

15. What does the FBI notice in the summer of 2001?
(a) There are no active al Qaeda cells in the U.S.
(b) Strange events in flight schools across U.S.
(c) There are al Qaeda sleeper cells in the U.S.
(d) They are the prime department to catch al Qaeda.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which country supports an assassination attempt on President Mubarak from Egypt?

2. What does Clarke work on with Arms Control Director Ron Lehmen to verify "innocent' chemical plants?

3. What weapons do the Aum utilize?

4. What motivates bin Laden to leave Sudan?

5. What does Clarke suggest will help weaken the Taliban?

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