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Richard A. Clarke
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What threat is part of Executive Order 13099 against those that finance terrorist organizations?
(a) War with them as well as the terrorist organization.
(b) Lifetime imprisonment.
(c) U.N. banishment.
(d) Sanctions.

2. Why does Tony Lake deny the Pentagon's plans in fighting al Qaeda?
(a) It is too upfront and not stealthy enough.
(b) Lake is not willing to use action just yet.
(c) The Pentagon is not willing to put enough men for a successful mission.
(d) He prefers the CIA's plans.

3. What does Clarke threaten in a media interview?
(a) Taliban should be aware of Northern Alliance's new ally.
(b) Any country known to fund terrorists will have sanctions placed.
(c) Next al Qaeda attack will hold Taliban responsible.
(d) Clarke has a contract out for bin Laden's death.

4. What report does an Arab leader give the consul general?
(a) Hussein is looking for chemical engineers for his weapons program.
(b) Usama bin Laden has a contract out to kill Clarke.
(c) Hussein is setting up an assasination attempt on Clarke.
(d) bin Laden is asking for leads to a chemical weapons program.

5. How many cruise missiles are launched against al Qaeda camps and target buildings?
(a) 170.
(b) 10.
(c) 75.
(d) 55.

6. Who vetoes the snatch against Usama bin Laden in 96-97?
(a) Janet Reno.
(b) Clarke and Tenet.
(c) Tony Lake.
(d) Clinton and Gore.

7. What does "Critical Infrastructure Protection" refer to?
(a) Protecting major landmarks and the roads leading to and from them.
(b) Protecting computer systems and networks.
(c) Protecting all major road networks such as interstates and bridges.
(d) Protecting D.C. and the roads leading in and out of it.

8. How does the U.S. plan to pass Pakistan airspace without issues?
(a) Secretary of State will issue warning to Pakistan just minutes before it occurs.
(b) Ralston will have dinner with the Pakistani general.
(c) The U.S. will use a stealth bomber to avoid radar detection.
(d) Gore will personally call up the Pakistani general and ask him.

9. Why do some believe it is not a good idea to bomb Afghanistan?
(a) It will cause a war with Afghanistan and Russia all over again.
(b) Afghanistan is not where al Qaeda works from.
(c) Afghanistan is willing to work diplomatically with the U.S.
(d) The U.S. is already known as the Mad Bomber.

10. What approval does Clarke ask for from Madeleine Albright?
(a) Approval to publicly threaten Taliban and bin Laden.
(b) More manpower to find terrorists' funding.
(c) Run an interagency process to protect U.S. embassies.
(d) To bomb Afgahnistan.

11. What prompts Health and Human Services to attend a CSG meeting for the first time?
(a) A chemical agent is released in Tokyo.
(b) Clinton wants to initiate a national medical emergency plan.
(c) The Pentagon wants to start a biological weapons program.
(d) Anthrax is found in a Cogressman's mail.

12. Where does Wechsler learn that al Qaeda gets most of its finances from?
(a) The Sudanese government.
(b) His father's business.
(c) From bin Laden's valid personal businesses.
(d) Non-government organizations and Islamic charities.

13. What does Powell suggest to fight the al Qaeda threat?
(a) Massive attack on Afghanistan training camps.
(b) Use U.S.-supporting Afghans to infiltrate al Qaeda cells.
(c) Put pressure on Pakistan to ally with the U.S. and against theTaliban and al Qaeda.
(d) Ally with Russia and other countries for unsuspected intelligence resources.

14. Of the listed nations, which does NOT have close relations and influence with the Taliban?
(a) Oman.
(b) Pakistan.
(c) Saudi Arabia.
(d) United Arab Emirates.

15. What does Clarke suggest will help weaken the Taliban?
(a) Improve U.S. relations with developing countries.
(b) Using the Taliban's own bombing tactics on their known facilities.
(c) Strengthen U.S. friendship with Pakistan.
(d) Helping the Northern Alliance.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the CIA have extra motivation to catch Kansi?

2. Who is the first foreign rescue team to arrive in Africa when a terrorist attack hits U.S. soil?

3. What weakness do Rice and Hadley have in their new positions under George W. Bush's administration?

4. How does Watson get FBI supervisors to participate in looking for al Qaeda cells?

5. What is the proper term for "snatches?"

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