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Richard A. Clarke
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the U.S. prepare for because it is a likely agent for a mass civilian attack?
(a) Smallpox virus attacks.
(b) Sarin nerve gas attacks.
(c) Anthrax attacks.
(d) Hanta virus attacks.

2. Near the end of Clinton's administration, what is one of his main focuses?
(a) Domestic security.
(b) Bombing Afghanistan.
(c) Rebuilding Bosnia.
(d) Isreali-Palestinian agreement.

3. What motivates bin Laden to leave Sudan?
(a) Egypt's threat of military buildup.
(b) Usama bin Laden believes Turabi has lost sight of the Caliphate.
(c) Turabi becomes too controlling for bin Laden.
(d) The CIA and FBI has infiltrated Khartoum.

4. What weapons do the Aum utilize?
(a) Smallpox virus.
(b) Sarin nerve gas.
(c) Homemade bombs.
(d) Tularemia.

5. No longer part of the Principals Committee, who does CSG now report to?
(a) Deputy Secretaries.
(b) DOD.
(c) Cheney.
(d) Rice.

6. What threat is part of Executive Order 13099 against those that finance terrorist organizations?
(a) War with them as well as the terrorist organization.
(b) Lifetime imprisonment.
(c) U.N. banishment.
(d) Sanctions.

7. What does the Millennium After Action review mostly focus on?
(a) Their success in stopping attacks during New Year's Eve into 2000.
(b) A small break from terrorism now that the holidays are over.
(c) New threats in the next millenium.
(d) There are al Qaeda sleeper cells in the U.S.

8. Why do some believe it is not a good idea to bomb Afghanistan?
(a) Afghanistan is willing to work diplomatically with the U.S.
(b) It will cause a war with Afghanistan and Russia all over again.
(c) The U.S. is already known as the Mad Bomber.
(d) Afghanistan is not where al Qaeda works from.

9. What does Ressam's custody lead to?
(a) Attack plans on a Radisson Hotel for Millenium New Year.
(b) Attack plans on Times Square.
(c) A sleeper cell in Montreal.
(d) An ex-cab driver in Boston.

10. Why does the CSG not take extra measures to snatch Khalid Sheik Muhammad?
(a) Qatar's government gives them no choice.
(b) Division within CSG takes over the goal of the snatch.
(c) They do not realize he is the mastermind behind WTC until after 9/11.
(d) They believe Muhammad is a bumbling fool and thinks it will be easy.

11. As Clarke handles recent terrorist attacks against the U.S., with many dead and injured, what is headlining the media?
(a) Clinton's infidelity scandal.
(b) The need for homeland security.
(c) American Idol.
(d) How Republicans hold Congress majority.

12. How does Clarke help prepare, but not frighten the public about homeland terrorism?
(a) By assuring the government has a handle on defenses.
(b) Through a series of briefings and speeches such as that on 60 minutes.
(c) His ability to use laymen's words and not medical jargon.
(d) By downplaying its possibility in the near future.

13. According to Will Wechsler, where do people think bin Laden gets his finances from?
(a) Small donations from his followers.
(b) The Saudi Arabian government.
(c) His father.
(d) The Sudanese government.

14. What does the FBI notice in the summer of 2001?
(a) They are the prime department to catch al Qaeda.
(b) Strange events in flight schools across U.S.
(c) There are no active al Qaeda cells in the U.S.
(d) There are al Qaeda sleeper cells in the U.S.

15. When George W. Bush becomes President, what is the early focus in 2001?
(a) Russia.
(b) Counter-terrorism at all costs.
(c) Opening pipelines in Alaska.
(d) China and an antimissile defense system.

Short Answer Questions

1. What approval does Clarke ask for from Madeleine Albright?

2. How does Watson get FBI supervisors to participate in looking for al Qaeda cells?

3. What happens to Clarke's best show-and-tell for his "Theme Day?"

4. What is expected to happen on August 20, 1998?

5. What does Clarke request from Rice?

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