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Richard A. Clarke
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prompts Health and Human Services to attend a CSG meeting for the first time?
(a) Anthrax is found in a Cogressman's mail.
(b) Clinton wants to initiate a national medical emergency plan.
(c) The Pentagon wants to start a biological weapons program.
(d) A chemical agent is released in Tokyo.

2. According to Will Wechsler, where do people think bin Laden gets his finances from?
(a) The Saudi Arabian government.
(b) The Sudanese government.
(c) His father.
(d) Small donations from his followers.

3. What does the FBI notice in the summer of 2001?
(a) They are the prime department to catch al Qaeda.
(b) There are al Qaeda sleeper cells in the U.S.
(c) There are no active al Qaeda cells in the U.S.
(d) Strange events in flight schools across U.S.

4. What threat is part of Executive Order 13099 against those that finance terrorist organizations?
(a) Lifetime imprisonment.
(b) Sanctions.
(c) War with them as well as the terrorist organization.
(d) U.N. banishment.

5. How many cruise missiles are launched against al Qaeda camps and target buildings?
(a) 170.
(b) 55.
(c) 10.
(d) 75.

6. What is the proper term for "snatches?"
(a) Specialized arrest.
(b) Seize and capture.
(c) Extraordinary renditions.
(d) Reserved acquisition.

7. What causes Downing, Clarke's CSG replacement, to quit?
(a) Frsutration at the Administration's bureaucratic response to threat.
(b) Inability to respond effectively during emergencies.
(c) Pressure from Bush's administration so they can appoint someone close.
(d) Stress at CSG members' inability to cooperate with one another.

8. Of the following, which is NOT a lesson learned in Charlie Allen's assembly of intelligence agencies?
(a) It is impossible to prove al Qaeda does not have weapons of mass destruction.
(b) It is easier to hide weapons of mass destruction than find them.
(c) The agencies never got together to consider al Qaeda's weapons before.
(d) There are less possiblities of weapons locations than they realized.

9. As an Assistant Secretary of State, what information does Clarke learn about the Soviet Union's weapons programs?
(a) They did not destroy their biological weapons programs in 1973.
(b) They never had a valid biological or chemical weapons program to fear.
(c) They instituted a biological weapons program in 1984.
(d) They were properly destroyed in 1973.

10. What does the State Department originally have for anthrax prevention?
(a) A horse.
(b) Enough vaccinations for high officials.
(c) Current research but nothing proven.
(d) They do not even know what anthrax is.

11. What key point is indicated in the Dayton Accord?
(a) The U.S. and U.K. will no longer finanically help Bosnia if they remain in war.
(b) The Serbian army must leave and evacuate Bosnia within a month.
(c) The Russians are not allowed to enter Bosnian territory in the future.
(d) The muj must leave Bosnia after the war.

12. Who is the first foreign rescue team to arrive in Africa when a terrorist attack hits U.S. soil?
(a) Saudi Arabia.
(b) Pakistan.
(c) Egypt.
(d) Israel.

13. By what year do the U.S. Departments all agree that bin Laden is the mastermind in global terrorism?
(a) 1999.
(b) 1995.
(c) 1993.
(d) 2001.

14. Where does CSG send specialized security after their meeting on August 8, 1998?
(a) U.S. Embassy in Albania.
(b) Major U.S. airports.
(c) U.S Embassy in all northern African nations.
(d) All armed force bases in Lebanon.

15. Near the end of Clinton's administration, what is one of his main focuses?
(a) Rebuilding Bosnia.
(b) Bombing Afghanistan.
(c) Isreali-Palestinian agreement.
(d) Domestic security.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the Pol-Mil Plan called "Top Secret Delenda?"

2. What is Sandy Berger's advice to Clarke to get varying departments concerned about chemical/biological weapons prevention and response?

3. How is the CIA sure that Iraq has a chemical weapons program?

4. To get fresh eyes looking for bin Laden, what does the CSG turn to?

5. What does Ressam's custody lead to?

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