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Richard A. Clarke
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Clarke and other national levels get together, what does the mayor of New York City order?
(a) A state emergency.
(b) The National Guard's presence.
(c) Evacuation of Manhattan south of Canal St.
(d) Evacuation of New York City.

2. Why does Mike Fenzel have difficulty hearing the crisis conference in the Situation Room?
(a) Dick Cheney will not allow him to.
(b) Mrs. Cheney prefers to listen to CNN and Dick Cheney keeps hanging up the phone.
(c) The PEOC has bad static in their teleconference monitors.
(d) Fenzel is holed in a cave that has no secure line.

3. How does Clarke learn of an assassination attempt on George H.W. Bush?
(a) CNN.
(b) An Arab-language London paper.
(c) BBC.
(d) Kuwait's ambassador.

4. What must Cheney and his team convince the Saudi King?
(a) To attack Iraq before Iraq attacks Kuwait.
(b) To lead the alliance that protects Kuwait.
(c) To allow U.S. troops into his country's bases.
(d) To ally with Israel.

5. What does Prince Turki ask of Usama bin Laden when he returns to Saudi Arabia from Afghanistan in 1989?
(a) To keep his men intact in case they are needed in the future.
(b) To form an elite special forces for the Saudi Arabian army.
(c) To form a fundamentalist religion-based resistance against Yemen.
(d) To rally the residents of Saudi Arabia against the King.

6. What angers Usama bin Laden about Americans in Saudi Arabia?
(a) Usama bin Laden feels the Americans failed the Afghans.
(b) It is against the Wahhabist branch of Islam.
(c) Usama bin Laden feels disgust for any superpower.
(d) Usama bin Laden believes Saudi Arabia can fight the war alone.

7. Why does Reagan create presence in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Israel?
(a) To put Russia off balance.
(b) To strengthen allies with Iran, Afghanistan and Israel.
(c) To protect oil owned by the U.S.
(d) To protect Iraq.

8. How do the surviving families of TWA 800 respond to Clinton's visit?
(a) They embrace his empathy.
(b) They shun his lack of genuine concern.
(c) They are angry for answers.
(d) They understand he is there politically.

9. Of those listed, which is NOT an option as a retaliation effort against Iran for the Khobar attack?
(a) Ally with Saudi Arabia for a small-scale attack.
(b) Convince allies to an economic boycott.
(c) Employ an intelligence operation.
(d) Attack Iranian sponsored terrorist camps in Lebanon.

10. What punishment does President George H.W. Bush seek on Libya for the Pan Am attack?
(a) Military action on Libyan government buildings.
(b) Greater military presence in northern Africa.
(c) He pulls relief aid.
(d) U.N. sanctions on Libya.

11. Where is President Bush at the time of the attacks?
(a) At a Marine facility in Lousiana.
(b) A college basketball game at Yale.
(c) On vacation in Texas.
(d) A pre-school in Florida.

12. What does the U.S. assume as they allow the Iraqi troops to withdraw intact?
(a) They will probably convict Hussein for war crimes.
(b) They will oust Hussein on their own.
(c) The Shi'a will take over the government.
(d) An alliance of Shi'a, Sunnis, and Kurds will form.

13. In addition to closing airways, what does Clarke want to safeguard?
(a) Major highways to and from New York City.
(b) All federal buildings in all states are to close.
(c) Harbors and borders.
(d) Historical landmarks in New York and D.C.

14. What does Iraq do that convinces Charlie Allen that Iraq is serious about Kuwait?
(a) They send large numbers of forces to the border of Kuwait.
(b) The U.S.has intelligence that Iraq is about to attack on two fronts.
(c) The U.N. finds a nuclear program in Iraq.
(d) They operate under emcon.

15. What problematic turn occurs in 1985 that alarms the U.S.?
(a) Russia is now invading Pakistan.
(b) Israel and Iran are under terrorist attacks from one another.
(c) Syria adds help to Iran.
(d) Russia is winning the war against Afghanistan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't the federal government want to take over airport security?

2. Initially, plans are to have Combat Air Patrol (CAP) over New York and D.C. Clarke then orders CAPs over every major city in the country. What causes him to extend the plans even further?

3. What concern does Clarke have outside the U.S.?

4. Which country helps the U.S. strengthen its military presence in the Middle East?

5. What does Iran continue to do despite U.S. sanctions on them?

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