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Richard A. Clarke
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of the following, which military action does NOT occur?
(a) An Atlantic fleet heads toward New York.
(b) The Army deployed to New York City.
(c) Combat Air Patrol coverage over New York and D.C.
(d) The National Guard deployed to New York.

2. Why does Mike Fenzel have difficulty hearing the crisis conference in the Situation Room?
(a) Mrs. Cheney prefers to listen to CNN and Dick Cheney keeps hanging up the phone.
(b) The PEOC has bad static in their teleconference monitors.
(c) Fenzel is holed in a cave that has no secure line.
(d) Dick Cheney will not allow him to.

3. After homeland issues are assured in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, what is the Situation Room's next topic?
(a) How to get Pakistan's support.
(b) How to invade Iraq.
(c) What to do about al Qaeda.
(d) How they can link Saddam to this.

4. How does Clarke learn about the World Trade Center bombing in 1993?
(a) O'Neill calls him.
(b) CNN.
(c) Scowcroft asks him about it.
(d) Clarke was in the vicinity.

5. Which countries are involved with the bombings of Marine barracks in Lebanon?
(a) Russia.
(b) Iran and Iraq.
(c) Iraq.
(d) Syria and Iran.

6. Who does Iran get on their side to overthrow the Khalifas?
(a) The Bahraini Shi'a.
(b) Bahraini refugees in Oman.
(c) The Bahraini military.
(d) Sunni minority in Bahrain.

7. With the Red Army gone, what mentality do some of the soldiers that fight against them have?
(a) They are ready to take down the next superpower.
(b) They now know a superpower can be destroyed.
(c) That other countries will think twice before they invade.
(d) They now have the military power to run the government.

8. What is the FBI' s role in the World Trade Center bombing?
(a) They are secondary under Clarke's command.
(b) They are to determine WTC's security weaknesses.
(c) They are to find the culprits.
(d) They are to implement greater security measures at WTC.

9. What is the U.N. Special Commission's (UNSCOM) job?
(a) To oversee the rebuilding of Kuwait.
(b) To keep an alliance of the Arab nations intact.
(c) To oversee Hussein's punishment.
(d) Require Iraq to destroy chemical, biological, nuclear, missile programs.

10. El Sayyid Nosair's legal bills are paid by whom?
(a) Hussein.
(b) Iran Revolutionary Guards.
(c) Hezbollah.
(d) Usama bin Laden.

11. Why is it important to have Arab nations as allies when the U.S. goes to war against Iraq?
(a) It helps keep Israel's good relationship.
(b) It helps protect the U.S.'s image in the Muslim world.
(c) Otherwise, they will ally with Iraq against the U.S.
(d) They are the next rising superpower.

12. Why doesn't the federal government want to take over airport security?
(a) Budget costs.
(b) Lobbyists from private airport security firms and airlines.
(c) It takes away from private airline employment opportunities.
(d) They do not want to implement an entire new department.

13. Which country noticeably does not attend the International Summit on Terrorism?
(a) Saudi Arabia.
(b) Iraq.
(c) Lebanon.
(d) Iran.

14. What punishment does President George H.W. Bush seek on Libya for the Pan Am attack?
(a) Greater military presence in northern Africa.
(b) U.N. sanctions on Libya.
(c) Military action on Libyan government buildings.
(d) He pulls relief aid.

15. How does Clarke quell issues with Israel in regards to selling arms to South Africa?
(a) Threatens sanctions to all countries that sell to South Africa, including Israel.
(b) Discusses apartheid and anti-semitism with Ivry.
(c) Reminds Ivry that Israel needs the U.S. as long as Russia is a superpower.
(d) Offers financial strategies that can replace Israel's business with South Africa.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the U.S. assume as they allow the Iraqi troops to withdraw intact?

2. Why does Reagan create presence in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Israel?

3. How does Clarke learn of an assassination attempt on George H.W. Bush?

4. What does Clinton make sure the U.N. does after Black Hawk Down?

5. Why does Secretary of State Christopher push to bomb an Iraqi facility on a Saturday night?

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