Against All Enemies Short Essay - Answer Key

Richard A. Clarke
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1. How does Condeleeza Rice handle the situation at the White house following the 9/11 attacks? How might others view her actions? How does Clarke view her actions?

In the immediate meetings following the 9/11 attacks at the national level, Rice takes a step back and allows Clarke to handle the meeting. For some, this might be viewed as Rice not doing anything, but for others, including Clarke, this is a courageous step for Rice. Although Rice does not speak much in the meetings, it does not mean she is not taking any leadership. Clarke understands that too much leadership in one room can make decisions and meetings less useful.

2. As terrorist attacks occur in New York and D.C., how are high levels in the White House expected to react? How is this difficult in the job? How is this difficult as a person?

When the 9/11 attacks happened, all high security officials are on alert and must plan a reaction. In that time, there is still much unknown. Clarke, CIA, FBI, FAA, and many other groups are unaware of whether the attacks are even finished. This makes their job difficult to plan. However, they must plan a response to prevent future attacks and help keep lines open between major groups affected. At the same time, the places that are hit are the very places they work or have direct connections with. This makes it a very emotional time, but they cannot allow this. Instead, they all do the best they can to focus on the job and not think about their own personal lives at the moment.

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