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Richard A. Clarke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Clarke, what is the global response to the U.S.'s invasion of Iraq after 9/11?
(a) Heightened hatred for America among Muslim youth.
(b) General support to finally oust Hussein.
(c) Surprise positive response from other Muslim nations.
(d) Western support but larger relationship gap from Muslim countries.

2. Of those listed, which is NOT an option as a retaliation effort against Iran for the Khobar attack?
(a) Attack Iranian sponsored terrorist camps in Lebanon.
(b) Employ an intelligence operation.
(c) Convince allies to an economic boycott.
(d) Ally with Saudi Arabia for a small-scale attack.

3. What is the FBI' s role in the World Trade Center bombing?
(a) They are secondary under Clarke's command.
(b) They are to find the culprits.
(c) They are to determine WTC's security weaknesses.
(d) They are to implement greater security measures at WTC.

4. What company ends up faring well due to fearful Americans post 9/11?
(a) Aquafina.
(b) Remington.
(c) Campbell's.
(d) 3M.

5. What does Cheney promise the Saudi King as a liaison of President George H.W. Bush?
(a) U.S. will send forces whenever the Saudi King asks.
(b) U.S. will no longer have an alliance with Israel.
(c) U.S. will sell as many arms to Saudi Arabia as it needs.
(d) U.S. forces will leave as soon as the war is over.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Clarke begin making enemies with his own government?

2. What is Clarke's goal in the Persian Gulf during Reagan's administration?

3. Why does the CIA have extra motivation to catch Kansi?

4. Which country asks for the U.S.'s help against Saddam a week prior to Clarke's arrival to ask to use their bases?

5. Why do some believe it is not a good idea to bomb Afghanistan?

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