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Richard A. Clarke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does al Qaeda ally with to create a stronger army?
(a) Qatar's Shi'a population.
(b) The southern tribes in Sudan.
(c) Egyptian Islamic Jihad.
(d) Hezbollah-Lebanon.

2. What news does the FAA give that causes silence in the CSG meeting on 9/11?
(a) The names of the passengers on board include al Qaeda.
(b) Reports of 11 off-course flights or out of communication flights may be hijacked.
(c) They are unable to give orders to ground all flights.
(d) There is another off-course flight heading towards the Sears Tower.

3. What is the government's response to the rise in terrorism during Clinton's administration?
(a) Most go to work waiting for something big to happen.
(b) The Pentagon seems worried, but the White House does not see the urgency.
(c) Some are alarmed, but most do not see the urgency.
(d) Senior officials feel prepared and are not worried.

4. El Sayyid Nosair's legal bills are paid by whom?
(a) Hussein.
(b) Usama bin Laden.
(c) Hezbollah.
(d) Iran Revolutionary Guards.

5. What causes Aideed to go underground?
(a) The people of Mogadishu rise up against him.
(b) AC-130 strikes.
(c) The U.S. snipers.
(d) Excessive U.S. Marine helicopter presence.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clarke especially fight for to prevent terrorist attacks?

2. How does Clarke quell issues with Israel in regards to selling arms to South Africa?

3. More than al Qaeda, what other acts of terrorism are on the FBI's minds?

4. What key event does Russia provoke in 1979?

5. According to Clarke, what is one factor that stops counter-terrorism policies from passing in Congress?

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