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Richard A. Clarke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Secretary of State Christopher push to bomb an Iraqi facility on a Saturday night?
(a) It's the least likely time the U.S. media will notice.
(b) To minimize casualties.
(c) It'll be the most surprising time.
(d) He knows the Iraqis work weekend hours.

2. Where is President Bush at the time of the attacks?
(a) A college basketball game at Yale.
(b) A pre-school in Florida.
(c) At a Marine facility in Lousiana.
(d) On vacation in Texas.

3. When TWA 800 explodes, what is the atmosphere in the White House?
(a) Understanding that domestic terrorism will be on the rise from this point forward.
(b) Fear that Clinton will not respond rationally.
(c) Happy they have a reason to engage in a war with Iran.
(d) Tense for a possible war.

4. What results in the Soviets' attempt to invade the central Asian region?
(a) They withdraw in 1988.
(b) They withdraw but impress communist influence in the region.
(c) It creates unlikely alliances in the Middle East/central Asia/ Persian Gulf.
(d) They are able to keep presence until the fall of U.S.S.R.

5. What does the U.S. buy from Israel?
(a) Stingers.
(b) Hind-D helicopters.
(c) Anti-missile lasers.
(d) Unmanned aerial vehicles and air-to-ground smart bombs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ramzi Yousef plan while on the lam for two years?

2. How does Freeh want to handle Sayegh's case?

3. What gets the Pentagon angry at the President's response to the Khobar attack?

4. El Sayyid Nosair's legal bills are paid by whom?

5. What does Freeh believe is the cause of Saudi Arabia's lack of cooperation with the FBI?

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