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Richard A. Clarke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the Navy officer unsure of whether to contact Clarke about the World Trade Center bombing in 1993?
(a) The FBI already arrives on scene.
(b) Freeh tells him not to.
(c) It's the first major domestic terrorist attack.
(d) Clarke is not a popular figure amongst the military.

2. What motivates bin Laden to leave Sudan?
(a) Turabi becomes too controlling for bin Laden.
(b) The CIA and FBI has infiltrated Khartoum.
(c) Egypt's threat of military buildup.
(d) Usama bin Laden believes Turabi has lost sight of the Caliphate.

3. What does the U.S. buy from Israel?
(a) Unmanned aerial vehicles and air-to-ground smart bombs.
(b) Hind-D helicopters.
(c) Anti-missile lasers.
(d) Stingers.

4. What does Ramzi Yousef plan while on the lam for two years?
(a) Infiltration into the Pentagon's computer system.
(b) Attacks on the Sears and John Hancock Tower in Chicago.
(c) Assassination attempt on President Clinton.
(d) Aircraft bombings on 11 different flights.

5. The Russians almost prepare to exercise their strategic nuclear forces due to what concern?
(a) U.S's naval movement towards Alaska.
(b) U.S.'s air patrol towards Alaska.
(c) U.S.'s global alert to DEFCON 3.
(d) U.S.'s preparations for missile attacks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does O'Neill get Aum's contact information?

2. Which country supports an assassination attempt on President Mubarak from Egypt?

3. What is the FBI' s role in the World Trade Center bombing?

4. Who does Iran get on their side to overthrow the Khalifas?

5. Why do some people feel secure about future terrorist attacks?

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