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Richard A. Clarke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gets the Pentagon angry at the President's response to the Khobar attack?
(a) Clinton agrees to investigation of military laxness.
(b) Clinton does not want military retaliation.
(c) Clinton wants the FBI to hold investigation information from the Pentagon.
(d) Clinton allows Saudi Arabia to head the investigation.

2. Who invites Usama bin Laden into their country?
(a) Colonel Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qadhafi from Libya.
(b) Hasan al-Turabi from Sudan.
(c) Bendjedid from Algeria.
(d) President Mohammed Najibullah from Afghanistan.

3. What results in the Soviets' attempt to invade the central Asian region?
(a) It creates unlikely alliances in the Middle East/central Asia/ Persian Gulf.
(b) They withdraw but impress communist influence in the region.
(c) They are able to keep presence until the fall of U.S.S.R.
(d) They withdraw in 1988.

4. Who does Iran get on their side to overthrow the Khalifas?
(a) Bahraini refugees in Oman.
(b) The Bahraini Shi'a.
(c) The Bahraini military.
(d) Sunni minority in Bahrain.

5. How does Clarke learn about the World Trade Center bombing in 1993?
(a) O'Neill calls him.
(b) Scowcroft asks him about it.
(c) Clarke was in the vicinity.
(d) CNN.

Short Answer Questions

1. What troubling news does the CIA bring to the 0730 CSG meeting on August 7, 1998?

2. Among the following, who is NOT present at the Counter-terrorism Security Group meeting immediately after the 9/11 attacks?

3. Of the following, which is NOT a lesson learned in Charlie Allen's assembly of intelligence agencies?

4. Why does the CSG not take extra measures to snatch Khalid Sheik Muhammad?

5. What does Freeh believe is the cause of Saudi Arabia's lack of cooperation with the FBI?

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