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Richard A. Clarke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Russians almost prepare to exercise their strategic nuclear forces due to what concern?
(a) U.S.'s global alert to DEFCON 3.
(b) U.S's naval movement towards Alaska.
(c) U.S.'s preparations for missile attacks.
(d) U.S.'s air patrol towards Alaska.

2. What risky task does Gallucci have at the Agricultural Ministry?
(a) He must convince Hussein to let the U.N. in for inspections.
(b) Negotiate with terrorists to bring an American hostage home.
(c) Lead a surprise raid to obtain proof of a nuclear program.
(d) Distract the Republican Guards as others raid a nearby building.

3. What is the general response as Clarke and his team make an effort for an air defense system in D.C.?
(a) They believe he is too involved with conspiracy theories.
(b) They think he is creative, but disagree with the immediate need.
(c) They completely agree and back him.
(d) They think he is nuts.

4. According to the Counter-terrorism Security Group, what possible target is a major concern?
(a) Embassies across the globe.
(b) Olympic Games in Atlanta.
(c) Political Conventions.
(d) The World Exposition in New York.

5. What does Cheney promise the Saudi King as a liaison of President George H.W. Bush?
(a) U.S. forces will leave as soon as the war is over.
(b) U.S. will send forces whenever the Saudi King asks.
(c) U.S. will no longer have an alliance with Israel.
(d) U.S. will sell as many arms to Saudi Arabia as it needs.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the surviving families of TWA 800 respond to Clinton's visit?

2. What does Gore believe he does well?

3. The increase in counter-terrorism budget helped do what?

4. Where is President Bush at the time of the attacks?

5. According to Clarke, what countries must the U.S. be concerned about?

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