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Richard A. Clarke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What strategic move does Iraq implement once U.S. begins their airstrike?
(a) Capture high officials of Kuwait as hostages.
(b) Launch missiles on Israel.
(c) Take American and U.K. reporters as hostages.
(d) Bomb Saudi Arabian oil fields.

2. Which country asks for the U.S.'s help against Saddam a week prior to Clarke's arrival to ask to use their bases?
(a) United Arab Emirates.
(b) Yemen.
(c) Qatar.
(d) Oman.

3. What is Clinton's reaction to the terrorist attempt on George H.W. Bush?
(a) He wants to retaliate in action, not sanctions.
(b) He is angered by the fact that George H.W. Bush allowed Hussein to live after the Persian Gulf War.
(c) He prefers sanctions, but is convinced by his men to take military actions.
(d) He wants a diplomatic meeting with Hussein, but upon refusal uses military action.

4. During the Iran-Iraq war, what stance does the U.S. take?
(a) Aids Iran.
(b) Aids Iraq.
(c) Attempts peace talks between the two countries.
(d) Instills sanctions on both countries.

5. What does the Continuity of Government implement?
(a) The evacuation of the first five in the line of government to a cave.
(b) The movement of departments to alternate sites.
(c) Secure back-up of fiber optic cables and wires for communications.
(d) Always having a secure line between the President and Vice President.

Short Answer Questions

1. In addition to closing airways, what does Clarke want to safeguard?

2. What unexpected event happens after the Persian Gulf War?

3. How does Clarke begin making enemies with his own government?

4. What does Prince Turki ask of Usama bin Laden when he returns to Saudi Arabia from Afghanistan in 1989?

5. Which country helps the U.S. strengthen its military presence in the Middle East?

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