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Richard A. Clarke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the U.S. affect the Iran-Iraq war?
(a) Helps stop the war with peace talks.
(b) Secretly gives arms to Iran.
(c) Gives intelligence to Iraq.
(d) The sanctions by the U.S. on both countries affects Iran more.

2. What is the first thing Clarke does upon hearing the news of the World Trade Center?
(a) Runs to the Situation Room at the White House.
(b) Calls Rice to see what she wants to do.
(c) Calls O'Neill to see if he is OK.
(d) Heads to the White House to speak with Cheney and Rice.

3. Why is it important to have Arab nations as allies when the U.S. goes to war against Iraq?
(a) They are the next rising superpower.
(b) It helps keep Israel's good relationship.
(c) Otherwise, they will ally with Iraq against the U.S.
(d) It helps protect the U.S.'s image in the Muslim world.

4. How does Clarke begin making enemies with his own government?
(a) Publicly scrutinizing the idea that they are involved with the Middle East.
(b) Becoming too close to Israelis.
(c) Admonishing the Reagan administration for their strategies.
(d) Getting too close to Reagan and funneling money into his department.

5. What risky task does Gallucci have at the Agricultural Ministry?
(a) Negotiate with terrorists to bring an American hostage home.
(b) Lead a surprise raid to obtain proof of a nuclear program.
(c) He must convince Hussein to let the U.N. in for inspections.
(d) Distract the Republican Guards as others raid a nearby building.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Russians almost prepare to exercise their strategic nuclear forces due to what concern?

2. Clarke believes the "Caliphate" movement will result in what kind of society?

3. What does the Continuity of Government implement?

4. What results in the Soviets' attempt to invade the central Asian region?

5. How does Clarke quell issues with Israel in regards to selling arms to South Africa?

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