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Richard A. Clarke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the U.S. buy from Israel?
(a) Hind-D helicopters.
(b) Unmanned aerial vehicles and air-to-ground smart bombs.
(c) Stingers.
(d) Anti-missile lasers.

2. Initially, plans are to have Combat Air Patrol (CAP) over New York and D.C. Clarke then orders CAPs over every major city in the country. What causes him to extend the plans even further?
(a) The movement of the President away from the Northeast.
(b) The crash into the Sears Tower.
(c) The crash in New York.
(d) The crash into the Pentagon.

3. What development adds to the political turmoil in the Middle East?
(a) Russia invades Iran.
(b) Hussein attacks Kuwait.
(c) Hussein attacks Iran.
(d) Iran attacks Israel.

4. What news does the FAA give that causes silence in the CSG meeting on 9/11?
(a) They are unable to give orders to ground all flights.
(b) There is another off-course flight heading towards the Sears Tower.
(c) The names of the passengers on board include al Qaeda.
(d) Reports of 11 off-course flights or out of communication flights may be hijacked.

5. With the Red Army gone, what mentality do some of the soldiers that fight against them have?
(a) That other countries will think twice before they invade.
(b) They now have the military power to run the government.
(c) They now know a superpower can be destroyed.
(d) They are ready to take down the next superpower.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which countries are involved with the bombings of Marine barracks in Lebanon?

2. Of the following, which military action does NOT occur?

3. What key event does Russia provoke in 1979?

4. Who does the Soviet Union offer to help, and in what way?

5. What concern does Clarke have outside the U.S.?

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