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Richard A. Clarke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Reagan create presence in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Israel?
(a) To strengthen allies with Iran, Afghanistan and Israel.
(b) To protect oil owned by the U.S.
(c) To protect Iraq.
(d) To put Russia off balance.

2. What does the U.S. buy from Israel?
(a) Unmanned aerial vehicles and air-to-ground smart bombs.
(b) Stingers.
(c) Anti-missile lasers.
(d) Hind-D helicopters.

3. As Clarke and other national levels get together, what does the mayor of New York City order?
(a) Evacuation of New York City.
(b) Evacuation of Manhattan south of Canal St.
(c) The National Guard's presence.
(d) A state emergency.

4. When does Clarke finally allow himself to grieve over the deaths of 9/11?
(a) At John O'Neill's funeral.
(b) Not for another month after 9/11.
(c) When he first sits down to write "Against All Enemies."
(d) He doesn't until he retires.

5. With the Red Army gone, what mentality do some of the soldiers that fight against them have?
(a) That other countries will think twice before they invade.
(b) They now have the military power to run the government.
(c) They now know a superpower can be destroyed.
(d) They are ready to take down the next superpower.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Clarke, what countries must the U.S. be concerned about?

2. Clarke believes the "Caliphate" movement will result in what kind of society?

3. What does Watson from the FBI suggest the CSG do in the immediate hours following the 9/11 attacks?

4. Of the following, which military action does NOT occur?

5. What concern does Clarke have outside the U.S.?

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