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Richard A. Clarke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What must Cheney and his team convince the Saudi King?
(a) To allow U.S. troops into his country's bases.
(b) To lead the alliance that protects Kuwait.
(c) To attack Iraq before Iraq attacks Kuwait.
(d) To ally with Israel.

2. The Russians almost prepare to exercise their strategic nuclear forces due to what concern?
(a) U.S's naval movement towards Alaska.
(b) U.S.'s global alert to DEFCON 3.
(c) U.S.'s preparations for missile attacks.
(d) U.S.'s air patrol towards Alaska.

3. Why does Reagan create presence in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Israel?
(a) To protect Iraq.
(b) To put Russia off balance.
(c) To protect oil owned by the U.S.
(d) To strengthen allies with Iran, Afghanistan and Israel.

4. What is the first thing Clarke does upon hearing the news of the World Trade Center?
(a) Calls Rice to see what she wants to do.
(b) Heads to the White House to speak with Cheney and Rice.
(c) Runs to the Situation Room at the White House.
(d) Calls O'Neill to see if he is OK.

5. What is the U.S.'s attack plan to trick Iraq?
(a) Man bases all around Kuwait to cause confusion.
(b) Delay their attack until Iraq's guard is down.
(c) Attack from the rear instead of the front.
(d) Attack early on before full forces are in the region.

Short Answer Questions

1. What occurs after the U.S. leaves Iraq and Kuwait?

2. Of the following, which military action does NOT occur?

3. Why is the Navy officer unsure of whether to contact Clarke about the World Trade Center bombing in 1993?

4. In addition to closing airways, what does Clarke want to safeguard?

5. What is the FBI' s role in the World Trade Center bombing?

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