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Richard A. Clarke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Clarke begin making enemies with his own government?
(a) Getting too close to Reagan and funneling money into his department.
(b) Becoming too close to Israelis.
(c) Publicly scrutinizing the idea that they are involved with the Middle East.
(d) Admonishing the Reagan administration for their strategies.

2. What confounds the Counter-terrorism Security Group about the World Trade Center bombing?
(a) The unknown names and unfamiliar terrorist group responsible.
(b) The type of bomb utilized in the attack.
(c) Why the WTC would be a target.
(d) How the terrorist group got into the WTC.

3. Clarke believes the "Caliphate" movement will result in what kind of society?
(a) A step backward to times before segregation of church and state.
(b) A freer society with greater religious understanding.
(c) A repressive 14th century literalist theocracy.
(d) A government run with corruption and by fundamentalists.

4. During the Iran-Iraq war, what stance does the U.S. take?
(a) Instills sanctions on both countries.
(b) Aids Iran.
(c) Aids Iraq.
(d) Attempts peace talks between the two countries.

5. With the Red Army gone, what mentality do some of the soldiers that fight against them have?
(a) They now have the military power to run the government.
(b) They are ready to take down the next superpower.
(c) They now know a superpower can be destroyed.
(d) That other countries will think twice before they invade.

Short Answer Questions

1. In addition to closing airways, what does Clarke want to safeguard?

2. What is the U.N. Special Commission's (UNSCOM) job?

3. What occurs after the U.S. leaves Iraq and Kuwait?

4. What influences the U.S to stop their attack on Iraq?

5. Which countries are involved with the bombings of Marine barracks in Lebanon?

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