Objects & Places from Against All Enemies

Richard A. Clarke
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Situation Room, West Wing, White House, Washington, D.C.

This is where the Counter-terrorism Security Group meets during emergency situations.

World Trade Center (WTC), Manhattan, New York

This place is bombed in 1993 with a truck and is later attacked with passenger airplanes in 2001.

Saudi Arabia

This place is where the Khobar attacks take place. This is also where much of the funding of the first Iraq War comes from.


This place invites Usama bin Laden to establish a terrorist base when he leaves his home country.


This place is at war with Russia in the 1980s and struggles to establish a working government for years.


This place is the jumping point for terrorists to attack naval ships such as the USS Sullivan and USS Cole.


This place struggles with a warlord in its capital that takes food relief and sells it to others instead...

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