Against All Enemies Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richard A. Clarke
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Chapter 1

• Richard Clarke is in the Ronald Reagan Building when Lisa calls him about the World Trade Center. He heads to the White House immediately.

• At the White House, Clarke meets with Vice President Cheney and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. They agree to not assume the attack is over and to evacuate the White House.

• Richard Clarke coordinates a Counter-terrorism Security Group (CSG) meeting over a secure teleconference.

• Rice returns to Cheney in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center.

• CSG discusses President Bush's whereabouts and that he should head to Barksdale than a secure Air Force Base in Kansas.

• The Pentagon is hit and evacuated. Rumsfeld stays and sends his deputy to the alternate government site.

• Watson from the FBI tells Clarke on a secure line that there are al Qaeda passengers on board the hijacked flights.

• United Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania.

• Decisions are made to ground all...

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