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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Annie begin to realize about her mother and her mother's behavior after her second visit to St. John's?
(a) Her mother ignores things that are unpleasant.
(b) Her mother's dislike of anything that relates to the war must influence her mother's behavior.
(c) Her mother needs to talk about the war.
(d) Her mother is irrational.

2. The day after receiving Grandfather's letter, who does Annie meet at the hospital?
(a) Mrs. Lewis, Timothy's mother.
(b) Andrew's siblings.
(c) Mr. Lewis, Timothy's father.
(d) Mrs. Crayton, Andrew's mother.

3. What medal did Andrew receive?
(a) Bronze Star.
(b) Distinguished Service Medal.
(c) Purple Heart.
(d) A letter of commendation.

4. What do Annie and her mother do when they get home after Annie's second visit to St. John's?
(a) Read together.
(b) Eat supper silently.
(c) Annie's mother plays the piano and Annie sings.
(d) They talk to Annie's grandmother.

5. What will be done for Timothy's condition soon?
(a) His bandages will be removed.
(b) He will have an operation.
(c) He will learn Braille.
(d) The doctors will use a new salve on his eyes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What grade is Annie in this school year?

2. Why didn't Andrew enjoy going to school when he was a boy?

3. What did a soldier tell Annie's family when he informed them that Uncle Paul had died?

4. What does Grandfather say in his letter about Uncle Paul's medals?

5. What had Andrew considered doing shortly after he was injured?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Ruth so pleased about the dinner invitation?

2. How did Lieutenant McFarland describe Uncle Paul and his death?

3. In Chapter 18, why does Annie feel like she might lose control?

4. Grandfather has had a heart attack. How is Grandfather doing and what is the plan to help him get well?

5. Do you think Annie was right to disobey her mother and visit St. John's again?

6. Annie's father is called out to St. John's one evening. As Annie gets ready to leave St. John's, Andrew kisses her goodbye. How did Andrew's kiss affect Annie?

7. How was Andrew injured?

8. Why does Annie run when she learn how Uncle Paul died?

9. When Annie learns her mother has returned, why do you think Andrew tells Annie to be "Gallant under fire"?

10. Why do you think Henry Cook told Annie to stop asking questions about her uncle's death?

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