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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Annie's mother wish to discuss the war or its aftermath?
(a) Talking about the war reminds her of Uncle Paul's death.
(b) She doesn't like to think about the injured, dying, or dead soldiers.
(c) She thinks America should not have been involved in the war.
(d) She is a pacifist and is against war.

2. The evening that Annie and her father go back to St. John's, what does Andrew promise to do for Annie?
(a) Ask Timothy what he remembers when there was front line fighting.
(b) Write to some of the men in his unit and see if they remember when there was front line fighting.
(c) Ask men who were in Uncle Paul's unit when there was front line fighting.
(d) Ask his commanding officer when there was front line fighting.

3. As Armistice Day approaches, what bothers Annie about the war memorial?
(a) That Uncle Paul's name will not be on it.
(b) That it is so expensive.
(c) That Andrew will not get to see the memorial completed.
(d) That Uncle Paul's name will be on it even though he did not die a hero.

4. After Annie learns how Uncle Paul died, why does she feel guilty?
(a) She has been too busy to get together with friends.
(b) The pain she caused investigating Uncle Paul's death.
(c) She does not have as much time to visit Andrew as she would like.
(d) She visited St. John's all summer without her mother's permission.

5. What grade is Annie in this school year?
(a) Eleventh grade.
(b) Tenth Grade.
(c) Ninth grade.
(d) Eighth grade.

6. Why doesn't Andrew's father visit him?
(a) His car broke down.
(b) He didn't want Andrew to enlist.
(c) He can't bear to see Andrew's injuries.
(d) He's handicapped and cannot visit Andrew.

7. What does Annie do with her newfound freedom while her mother and her grandparents are gone on their trip?
(a) She goes back to Bible School.
(b) She does chores and visits St. John's.
(c) She goes to the library.
(d) She invites friends over to her house.

8. What does Grandfather say in his letter about Uncle Paul's medals?
(a) Uncle Paul received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.
(b) Uncle Paul received a Purple Heart.
(c) Uncle Paul received a Good Conduct Medal.
(d) Uncle Paul did not receive a Purple Heart.

9. Before Grandfather goes on the trip with Grandmother and Annie's mother, why does Annie tell him not to worry?
(a) She will visit Timothy and read to him.
(b) She will write him frequently.
(c) She will look after the chickens.
(d) She will be fine at home alone.

10. What did a soldier tell Annie's family when he informed them that Uncle Paul had died?
(a) Uncle Paul was wounded by friendly fire.
(b) Uncle Paul was captured by the Germans and killed.
(c) Uncle Paul was a hero and an example for his men.
(d) Uncle Paul was a deserter.

11. Why didn't Andrew enjoy going to school when he was a boy?
(a) He got bad grades.
(b) He didn't like sitting still.
(c) He didn't like his teachers.
(d) His best friend went to a different school.

12. What had Andrew considered doing shortly after he was injured?
(a) Work hard so he could get back to the fighting.
(b) Study to become a doctor and help others who were severely injured.
(c) Leaving the army without permission.
(d) Killing himself.

13. The day after receiving Grandfather's letter, who does Annie meet at the hospital?
(a) Mrs. Lewis, Timothy's mother.
(b) Mrs. Crayton, Andrew's mother.
(c) Mr. Lewis, Timothy's father.
(d) Andrew's siblings.

14. On Annie's third visit to St. John's, how does Andrew respond when Annie attempts to apologize?
(a) He tells her not to worry about what happened.
(b) He dismisses her apology.
(c) He struggles to hold back tears.
(d) He gets angry.

15. Why is the date of Uncle Paul's death in question?
(a) The war was over before that date.
(b) Andrew doesn't think there was front line fighting that day.
(c) The telegram the family received has a different date than the date on the death certificate.
(d) There was no fighting in France in June.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Annie's father learn how Uncle Paul died?

2. How will Annie find out if the surgery is a success?

3. What does Andrew appreciate about Annie?

4. How was Andrew injured?

5. What does Annie do each day now that her mother has been gone for a few days?

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