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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Annie's mother leaves on the trip with her grandparents, why is Annie nervous about telling her father she wants to go to St. John's?
(a) She is afraid that he will think she does not have time to visit.
(b) She is afraid that her mother told him that Annie is not allowed to visit.
(c) She is afraid he will not want her going to St. John's by herself.
(d) She is afraid he will not want her to visit.

2. Although Annie is busy this summer and enjoying herself, why does she have times when she feels guilty?
(a) She burned her father's dinner.
(b) She doesn't have time to check on her grandparents home.
(c) She isn't getting all the chores done at home.
(d) She is visiting St. John's even though her mother ordered her not to go there.

3. What is the setting in Chapters 13 and 14?
(a) Colorado.
(b) The park.
(c) Annie's home and St. John's hospital.
(d) Annie's grandparents' house.

4. What does Annie do each day now that her mother has been gone for a few days?
(a) Play the piano.
(b) Visit St. John's to see Andrew and help the nuns.
(c) Visit friends.
(d) Go to the library to see Ruth.

5. Before the dinner party, what does Ruth encourage Annie to do?
(a) Write to Andrew.
(b) Take more difficult classes at school.
(c) Get a part-time job at the hospital.
(d) Remember Uncle Paul as he was and not focus on how he died.

6. What will be done for Timothy's condition soon?
(a) His bandages will be removed.
(b) He will learn Braille.
(c) He will have an operation.
(d) The doctors will use a new salve on his eyes.

7. Mrs. Crayton visits Annie after school begins. What does she give Annie?
(a) A book of maps.
(b) Candy.
(c) A pre-war photograph of Andrew.
(d) A novel Annie has been wanting to read.

8. What does Annie begin to realize about her mother and her mother's behavior after her second visit to St. John's?
(a) Her mother is irrational.
(b) Her mother needs to talk about the war.
(c) Her mother's dislike of anything that relates to the war must influence her mother's behavior.
(d) Her mother ignores things that are unpleasant.

9. What is the outcome of Andrew's surgery?
(a) There are complications and he will need another surgery.
(b) It is successful with no complications.
(c) An infection has set in and he will have to have another surgery.
(d) He had a bad reaction to the anesthesia.

10. Why doesn't Annie visit the hospital a few days after she receives Grandfather's letter?
(a) Her father told her to stay home.
(b) She has to see Ruth at the library.
(c) Andrew is having medical tests.
(d) Andrew asked her not to visit.

11. Why do Annie and her father visit St. John's in the evening a couple days after Grandfather writes Annie?
(a) To visit Timothy.
(b) There is an emergency at the hospital.
(c) To talk with Andrew.
(d) Annie's father has to care for a dying patient.

12. As the days pass since her grandparents and mother left, what does Annie begin to dread?
(a) Her mother's return.
(b) Learning more about Uncle Paul's death.
(c) The beginning of another school year.
(d) Visiting Andrew and Timothy.

13. Why is there a conflict between Annie's parents now that Mrs. Metcalf has returned from her trip?
(a) That Annie's father allowed her to visit the hospital daily.
(b) That Annie's father still refuses to work at the county hospital.
(c) That Annie didn't attend Sunday School while her mother was gone.
(d) That Annie didn't keep up with the household chores while her mother was gone.

14. How was Andrew injured?
(a) He was in a building that exploded.
(b) A grenade was thrown into the trench where he waited.
(c) The gas tank of the vehicle he was riding was in exploded.
(d) He lost his gas mask and couldn't protect himself from an attack of mustard gas.

15. What does Andrew appreciate about Annie?
(a) Her ability to play the piano.
(b) That she is his friend and doesn't look away when she sees him.
(c) That she bakes delicious cookies.
(d) That she visits daily.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Crayton visit Annie after school starts?

2. Why, over the course of the summer, has Andrew's condition improved?

3. The morning after Annie's second visit to St. John's, what news do Annie and her grandmother learn?

4. What does Annie do with her newfound freedom while her mother and her grandparents are gone on their trip?

5. How does Annie feel about staying home and not going on a trip with Mother and her grandparents?

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