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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the days pass since her grandparents and mother left, what does Annie begin to dread?
(a) Her mother's return.
(b) Visiting Andrew and Timothy.
(c) The beginning of another school year.
(d) Learning more about Uncle Paul's death.

2. After arguing with her mother about St. John's, Annie goes to her room to think. What interrupts Annie's thoughts?
(a) Her father comes home.
(b) Her mother's voice and noises in the house.
(c) Her grandmother comes over.
(d) Her mother asks her to listen to a new piece of music.

3. What does Andrew tell Annie after talking to a soldier who served with Uncle Paul?
(a) Uncle Paul's unit was in action on June 6.
(b) No one can remember when Uncle Paul's unit was in action.
(c) Uncle Paul's unit was not in action the entire month of June.
(d) Uncle Paul's unit was not in action until June 14, eight days after Uncle Paul died.

4. Why does Annie's mother finally allow Annie to continue visiting St. John's even though Annie lied when her mother was gone on her trip?
(a) Andrew calls Annie's mother and asks if she can visit again.
(b) Annie's grandfather asks her to reconsider.
(c) Annie's father convinces her of the importance of Annie's visits to the soldiers.
(d) Ruth convinces Annie's mother to allow Annie to visit.

5. The morning after Annie's second visit to St. John's, what news do Annie and her grandmother learn?
(a) Annie's grandfather died at the hospital.
(b) Annie's grandfather has cancer.
(c) Annie's father is very sick.
(d) Annie's grandfather has had a heart attack, but will live.

6. How was Andrew injured?
(a) A grenade was thrown into the trench where he waited.
(b) He lost his gas mask and couldn't protect himself from an attack of mustard gas.
(c) He was in a building that exploded.
(d) The gas tank of the vehicle he was riding was in exploded.

7. Why didn't Uncle Paul die in battle on June 6?
(a) His unit didn't fight a battle until June 14.
(b) He was in Britain on June 6.
(c) The army listed the wrong date in the telegram sent to Annie's family.
(d) He wasn't in France on June 6.

8. The evening that Annie and her father go back to St. John's, what does Andrew promise to do for Annie?
(a) Write to some of the men in his unit and see if they remember when there was front line fighting.
(b) Ask men who were in Uncle Paul's unit when there was front line fighting.
(c) Ask his commanding officer when there was front line fighting.
(d) Ask Timothy what he remembers when there was front line fighting.

9. What do Annie and her mother do when they get home after Annie's second visit to St. John's?
(a) Read together.
(b) Annie's mother plays the piano and Annie sings.
(c) Eat supper silently.
(d) They talk to Annie's grandmother.

10. Why are Annie and her mother avoiding each other the evening after her mother returns from her trip?
(a) Because Annie spilled water on her mother's piano.
(b) Because Annie's mother won't allow her to visit friends.
(c) Because Annie ruined her mother's rose garden.
(d) Because of their disagreement over Annie's visits to the hospital.

11. Where did Uncle Paul die, according to Lieutenant McFarland?
(a) Argonne Woods.
(b) Belleau Woods.
(c) Normandy.
(d) Passchendaele Ridge.

12. Before Grandfather goes on the trip with Grandmother and Annie's mother, why does Annie tell him not to worry?
(a) She will visit Timothy and read to him.
(b) She will be fine at home alone.
(c) She will write him frequently.
(d) She will look after the chickens.

13. What is the setting in Chapters 13 and 14?
(a) Annie's home and St. John's hospital.
(b) The park.
(c) Annie's grandparents' house.
(d) Colorado.

14. How does Annie's father learn how Uncle Paul died?
(a) Andrew tells him.
(b) Grandfather tells him.
(c) Annie tells him.
(d) Timothy tells him.

15. Why can't Annie hide the fact that she's been visiting St. John's from her mother any longer?
(a) A neighbor tells Annie's mother that Annie has been at the hospital.
(b) Someone calls her mother and tells her that Annie has been at the hospital.
(c) Annie's father informs her mother that Annie has been at the hospital.
(d) Her mother is home.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why, over the course of the summer, has Andrew's condition improved?

2. After Annie's second visit to St. John's, what does she wonder about her mother's views?

3. Where is Andrew's home?

4. What does Annie begin to realize about her mother and her mother's behavior after her second visit to St. John's?

5. Why does Annie's mother not want Annie to visit St. John's for a third time?

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