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Chapter 1

• Annie Metcalf and her mother, Katherine, are meeting Annie's father, Larry, at the train station near their Kansas City home.

• Larry is a physician who has been treating wounded soldiers injured in World War I.

• The wounded men being wheeled from the train to ambulances remind Annie of her Uncle Paul, who died in the war.
• Both Annie and her mother are disturbed by the wounded men.

• One horribly disfigured soldier catches Annie's eye.

Chapter 2

• On the drive home, Annie remembers the day they learned Uncle Paul had died.

• That day, Grandfather chopped wood for an hour. Grandmother grieved in her room for days.

• Annie wonders how she will adapt to her father's return.

• When Dr. Metcalf was gone, Annie and her mother grew close.

• At home, Annie and her parents enjoy a meal with her grandparents, Aunt Felicia, Uncle Mark, Uncle John, and Annie's cousins, Frances...

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