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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "The Partridge and the Man" whom does the man catch?
(a) A rooster.
(b) A jackdaw.
(c) A cicadal.
(d) A partridge.

2. Which two Gods marry in "Polemos and Hybris"?
(a) Polemos and Zeus.
(b) They do not marry.
(c) Polemus and Herakles.
(d) Polemos and Hybris.

3. In "The Bat and the House-ferrets" which animal is caught by the house ferret?
(a) A worm.
(b) A beetle.
(c) A mouse.
(d) A bat.

4. In "The Mice and the House-ferrets" who is at war?
(a) The cats and the house ferrets.
(b) The mice and the cats.
(c) No answers are correct.
(d) The mice and the house ferrets.

5. In "Winter and Spring" which two seasons are arguing?
(a) Winter and fall.
(b) Winter and spring.
(c) Summer and spring.
(d) Summer and Winter.

6. In "The Ass and the Lap-dog" whom is the ass jealous of?
(a) The fox.
(b) The wolf.
(c) The dog.
(d) The horse.

7. In "The Ass Clothed in the Skin of a Lion, and the Fox" why does the ass cloth himself in the skin of a lion?
(a) To roar like a lion.
(b) To kill other animals.
(c) To frighten everyone.
(d) To become king of the jungle.

8. In "The Bat, the Bramble and the Gull" which animals decide to go trading together.
(a) The bat and the gull.
(b) The gull and the bramble.
(c) The bat and the bramble.
(d) The bat, the bramble, and the gull.

9. In "The Wolf Proud of His Shadow, and the Lion" what is the wolf proud of?
(a) His tail.
(b) His cunning nature.
(c) His shadow.
(d) His howling.

10. In "The Tortoise and the Hare" who wins the race?
(a) They never finish the race.
(b) Both win.
(c) The hare.
(d) The tortoise.

11. In "The Cicada and the Fox" whom does the fox hear singing?
(a) A kite.
(b) A jackdaw.
(c) A cicada.
(d) A nightingale.

12. In "The Shepherd and the Wolf Raised with the Dogs" whom does the shepherd hang from a tree?
(a) The hyena.
(b) The fox.
(c) The wolf.
(d) The dog.

13. In "The Wild Geese and the Cranes" who dies at the hunters' hands?
(a) The ducks.
(b) The sea gulls.
(c) The geese.
(d) The cranes.

14. In "The Hen That Laid the Golden Eggs" what does the farmer do to his hen?
(a) He kills her.
(b) He gifts it to the Gods.
(c) He feeds her.
(d) He sells.

15. In "The Bird-catcher and the Stork" whom does the bird catcher catch?
(a) A rooster.
(b) A jackdaw.
(c) A stork.
(d) A cicada.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Ass, the Cock and the Lion" which animal does the lion eat?

2. In "The Woodcutter and Hermes" what does the woodcutter lose?

3. In "The Satisfied Wolf and the Ewe" whom does the wolf see lying on its own back?

4. In "The Monkey and the Camel" which animal dances badly?

5. In "The Woodcutter and Hermes" who appears before the woodcutter?

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