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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "The Blind Man" what is given to the blind man?
(a) A lamb.
(b) A lion cub.
(c) A fox cub.
(d) A wolf cub.

2. In "The Reed and the Olive" which two trees are arguing?
(a) The reed and the apple tree.
(b) The apple and the oak tree.
(c) The reed and the olive tree.
(d) The olive and the oak tree.

3. In "The Men and Zeus" what is the gift given by Zeus to Man?
(a) Gift of power.
(b) Gift of voice.
(c) Gift of wisdom.
(d) Gift of speech.

4. In "The Hares and the Frogs" which animals decide to kill themselves?
(a) The hounds.
(b) The hares.
(c) The frogs.
(d) The cockerels.

5. In "The Crab and the Fox" what happens to the crab?
(a) He is stung by a shellfish.
(b) He is caught by fishermen.
(c) He is eaten by the fox.
(d) He is eaten by a stork.

6. In "The Hares and the Foxes" the foxes are at war with which animals?
(a) The wolves.
(b) The hares.
(c) The hounds.
(d) The eagles.

7. In "The Lion and the Wild Ass" whom does the lion share his food with?
(a) A wolf.
(b) A wild ass.
(c) A fox.
(d) A boar.

8. In "The Foxes on the Bank of the Meander River" what pulls the fox away from the rest of his clan?
(a) A strong current.
(b) A chase from another animal.
(c) He chasing another animal.
(d) His hunger.

9. In "The Hind Afflicted by Deformity" what happens to the hind?
(a) She dies.
(b) She is caught by poaching sailors.
(c) She is badly hurt.
(d) She is killed by an animal.

10. In "The Frogs Who Demanded a King" what does Zeus throw into the water a second time?
(a) Coins.
(b) A scorpion.
(c) A water snake.
(d) A stick.

11. In "The Doctor and the Sick Man" how does the doctor's patient die?
(a) He dies because of excess eating.
(b) He dies because of excess drinking.
(c) He dies because of excess stress.
(d) He dies of old age.

12. In "The Jackdaw and the Birds" who is voted as the most beautiful bird?
(a) The eagle.
(b) The jackdaw.
(c) The nightingale.
(d) The cicada.

13. Whose statue is being offered for free in "Hermes and the Sculptor"?
(a) Hera's.
(b) Zeus's.
(c) Momos's.
(d) Hermes's.

14. In "The Ethiopian" what is the man doing to the slave?
(a) Trying to rub the color off of his skin.
(b) Trying to beat him.
(c) Trying to run away with him.
(d) Trying to steal from him.

15. In "The Crested Lark" why does the lark get death penalty?
(a) Because she steals someone else's food.
(b) Because she lies.
(c) Because she steals a piece of grain.
(d) Because she kills a fellow lark.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Dog and the Shellfish" what animal does the dog swallow?

2. In "The Dog, the Cock, and the Fox" which animal does the dog tear to pieces?

3. In "The Camel and Zeus" which animal goes to Zeus to ask for horns?

4. In "The Dog with a Bell" why does the owner tie a bell around the dog's neck?

5. In "The Ploughman and Chance" what does the ploughman find in the field?

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