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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Fables 291-295 | Fables 296-300.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "The Castaway and the Sea" whom is the castaway baling for his misfortune?
(a) The sea.
(b) The ship.
(c) No answers are correct.
(d) The sailor.

2. In "The Young Men and the Butcher" what do the two men do?
(a) They kill the butcher.
(b) They steal from the butcher.
(c) They hurt the butcher.
(d) They paint everything in his shop.

3. In "The Dog with a Bell" why does the owner tie a bell around the dog's neck?
(a) To warn people of the dog's approach.
(b) No answers are correct.
(c) To know where he is located.
(d) To decorate it's neck.

4. In "The Woodcutter and Hermes" who appears before the woodcutter?
(a) Hermes.
(b) Zeus.
(c) Momos.
(d) A woman.

5. In "The Hares and the Foxes" the foxes are at war with which animals?
(a) The wolves.
(b) The hares.
(c) The hounds.
(d) The eagles.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Lion, the Wolf and the Fox" whose skin must the lion wear to keep himself alive?

2. In fable "The Cat and the Hens" why does the goatherd break a horn of one of the goats?

3. In "The Sleeping Dog and the Wolf" which animal pounces on a sleeping dog?

4. In "The Ass and the Lap-dog" whom is the ass jealous of?

5. In "The Fox with a Swollen Stomach" why is the fox not able to come out of the hollow of the oak tree?

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