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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Fables 251-255 | Fables 256-260.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose statue is being offered for free in "Hermes and the Sculptor"?
(a) Hera's.
(b) Hermes's.
(c) Momos's.
(d) Zeus's.

2. In "The Fox and the Billy Goat" what do we learn of the goat?
(a) That it is very clever.
(b) That it is very strong.
(c) That it is very weak.
(d) That it is not clever.

3. In "Diogenes and the Bald Man" who is Diogenes?
(a) A God.
(b) A writer.
(c) A philosopher.
(d) An orator.

4. What do we learn about Man's nature from "The Man and the Satyr"?
(a) It is temporary.
(b) It is permanent.
(c) It is changeable.
(d) It is not changeable.

5. In "The Traveler and Truth" who is Truth?
(a) A God.
(b) A woman.
(c) An angel.
(d) A man.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Sick Man and the Doctor" what is the sick man dying of?

2. In "The Ploughman and the Eagle" who saves the ploughman from a collapsing wall?

3. In "The Goat and the Donkey" why is the goat sacrificed?

4. In "The Ploughman and the Snake Who Had Killed his Son" who bites the ploughman's son?

5. In "The Starving Dogs" what do the dogs find?

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