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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Fables 301-305 | Fables 306-310.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Piraeus?
(a) A God.
(b) A mathematician.
(c) A painter.
(d) A singer.

2. In "The Sorceress" why is the sorceress sentenced to death?
(a) Because she imitates one of the Gods.
(b) Because she tries to cheat one of the Gods.
(c) Because she sells charms to appease the angry Gods.
(d) Because she curses one of the Gods.

3. In "The Three Oxen and the Lion" how does the lion eat the oxen?
(a) By hunting them when they are sleeping.
(b) By chasing them all.
(c) By eating them all at once.
(d) By seperating them.

4. In "The Fox with a Swollen Stomach" why is the fox not able to come out of the hollow of the oak tree?
(a) Because the hollow closes up.
(b) Because his whole body swells.
(c) Because his stomach swells.
(d) None of the above.

5. In "The Reed and the Olive" which two trees are arguing?
(a) The reed and the apple tree.
(b) The olive and the oak tree.
(c) The apple and the oak tree.
(d) The reed and the olive tree.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Castaway and the Sea" whom is the castaway baling for his misfortune?

2. In "The Wolf and the Lamb" whom is the wolf accusing?

3. In "The Lion and the Wild Boar" whom does the lion fight with?

4. Which of the fables mark the beginning of the Fox Fables?

5. In "The Halcyon" what is a halcyon?

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