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• Fable 1: Good fortune and bad fortune appear one at a time to men.

• Fable 2: A Merchant sells a statue.

• Fable 2: The Statue is slow in bringing money.

• Fable 3: The eagle and the fox eat each others' children.

• Fable 4: An Eagle eats a hare.

• Fable 4: The scarab beetle takes revenge for eagle eating the hare.

• Fable 4: The Beetle vows to destroy eagle's eggs.

• Fable 4: An Eagle lays eggs on Zeus's lap.

• Fable 4: The eagle's eggs are destroyed by Zeus.

• Fable 5: An Eagle flies off with a lamb.

• Fable 5: A Jackdaw's talons get stuck in ram's fleece.

• Fable 5: The Jackdaw serves as a pet to the shepherd's children.

• Fable 6: A Man catches an eagle and sells it.

• Fable 6: The Eagle is set free by the new owner.

• Fable 6: A Fox tells the eagle to give a gift to his previous owner.

• Fable 7: A Man...

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