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Short Answer Questions

1. What had Jupiter forbidden to happen?

2. What do Nisus and Euryalus do as they move through Turnus' camp?

3. How does Diomedes know Aeneas?

4. Who does Aeneas convince to pledge to fight with him?

5. Why does Juno craft a phantom Aeneas and lure Turnus onto a departing boat?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The Aeneid is full of examples of images that pop up over and over again. Select one of the following and trace and evaluate examples of its use throughout the work:

1) thunderbolts and lightning

2) fire

3) hunting

4) snakes

5) storms.

Essay Topic 2

What is the purpose of Aeneas' trip to the underworld in The Aeneid? What happens while he is there and what does he learn? How might it have changed the story had he not traveled through this land?

Essay Topic 3

Examine the role of signs, portents, omens, prophesies, and so forth in The Aeneid. What are some forms these signs take? Who sends them, if anyone? Can false signs be sent, and if so, for what purpose? How do people fare when they interpret signs correctly and follow them? How do they fare when they try to act against them?

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