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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Iulus' first feat of arms?

2. To which goddess is Camilla dedicated?

3. What does Aeneas promise to the Italians if he wins his fight with Turnus?

4. What does Virgil do to prepare to talk about the warfare between the Trojans and the Rutulians?

5. What do Nisus and Euryalus do as they move through Turnus' camp?

Short Essay Questions

1. What false portent does Juturna send the Rutulians and how do they interpret it?

2. What arguments does Sacës use to persuade Turnus to return to the fight?

3. How does Venus use references to the Trojan War when meeting with Jupiter at the beginning of Book X?

4. How does Jupiter ensure that Aeneas will win the combat with Turnus?

5. Did Nisus and Euryalus act wisely when attempting to carry out their mission? Why or why not?

6. Examine the advice and prophecy that Faunus gives his son Latinus. Rewrite in your own words what he is saying.

7. What is the difference between what Arruns prays for and what he actually receives?

8. How might Turnus be turning into a mini-Achilles (as predicted) in Book IX?

9. Why would Aeneas' shield be covered with the deeds of his descendants?

10. What does Evander tell Aeneas about Latin history?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the purpose of Aeneas' trip to the underworld in The Aeneid? What happens while he is there and what does he learn? How might it have changed the story had he not traveled through this land?

Essay Topic 2

The Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar asked Virgil to write The Aeneid to celebrate his recent victory at the Battle of Actium, in which Augustus (then called Octavian) and his forces beat Mark Antony and the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra. This victory brought peace to the empire, and Octavian/Augustus worked thereafter to rule well. Looking at details in The Aeneid such as the subject matter depicted at the center of Aeneas' shield and all the references Virgil makes to the Rome of his time, discuss what purpose Virgil's work might have served at the time.

Essay Topic 3

Similes and other detailed descriptions help the reader picture and understand things about the settings, characters, and events of this work. Identify an example of a simile being used to describe each of these three things and explain how it is used, what effect it has, and why Virgil might have used that particular simile in that particular place.

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