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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Diomedes know Aeneas?
(a) Together, they stole the Palladium.
(b) They fought against each other in the Trojan War.
(c) Aeneas tracked him down to punish him for wounding Venus.
(d) He has heard tales from friends who traveled to Troy.

2. What does Ilioneus ask for from King Latinus?
(a) Lumber and sails to repair their ships.
(b) A modest piece of land on the coast where the Trojans can settle.
(c) Food and supplies to send to the Trojans left behind with Acestës.
(d) Soldiers and weapons to seek revenge on the Greeks.

3. Who appears to Aeneas in a dream to tell him where to find people willing to ally themselves with the Trojans against the Latins?
(a) Allecto, who hopes to lead him astray.
(b) Tiberinus, the river god of the Tiber.
(c) Anchises, to confirm for Aeneas that he is in the right place.
(d) Venus, to help her son.

4. For what purpose does Virgil invoke Erato, the Muse of Desire?
(a) To help him describe the goddess Circe.
(b) To help him talk about how Aeneas still mourned for Dido.
(c) To help him retell the history of the early kings of Latium.
(d) To help him woo the goddess Venus.

5. Why does Aeneas lose his temper and kill Turnus instead of showing mercy?
(a) Allecto plants anger in his heart.
(b) He sees Turnus wearing Pallas' swordbelt.
(c) He knows he will never have peace as long as Turnus lives.
(d) Jupiter commands him to do so.

6. Who finds his or her way inside the Trojan camp at the end of Book IX and begins to massacre Trojans?
(a) Juno.
(b) Turnus.
(c) Iris.
(d) Allecto.

7. What favor does Aeneas generously grant the Latin petition?
(a) He will speak to Turnus about ending the conflict.
(b) He will pray to Jupiter and the gods on their behalf.
(c) He will return their dead for proper burial.
(d) He will return Mezentius' weapons and armor.

8. What causes the Ausonians to attack the Trojans?
(a) A snake startles them and a soldier striking at it causes everyone to start fighting.
(b) Trojan soldiers insult Lavinia.
(c) Iulus hunted and shot a deer he didn't know was a favored pet.
(d) Aeneas does not show proper reverence to King Latinus' laurel tree.

9. What does the feast the Arcadians are having celebrate?
(a) When the Arcadians defeated the Latins in battle.
(b) When Hercules slew the beast Cacus.
(c) When Dardandus left to found Troy.
(d) The anniversary of Evander becoming king.

10. What do Nisus and Euryalus do as they move through Turnus' camp?
(a) They slaughter sleeping warriors.
(b) They make note of how many soldiers are there.
(c) They bind their feet up in cloth to move silently.
(d) They call on Venus to protect them.

11. What betrays the presence of Euryalus to the enemy?
(a) The gleam of his helmet in the moonlight.
(b) The noise of the clanking of the booty he has taken from Turnus' camp.
(c) Allecto directing their attention to him.
(d) A snapping twig under his feet.

12. What is one of Juno's arguments for why it was right for her to have helped the Rutulians?
(a) The Rutulians are fated to rule, and she is just helping them fulfill that fate.
(b) Other gods helped Aeneas by spiriting him to safety and turning his ships into nymphs.
(c) The Rutulians made all the right sacrifices to her.
(d) She is spending an equal amount of time helping Aeneas.

13. To which goddess is Camilla dedicated?
(a) Venus.
(b) Diana.
(c) Juno.
(d) Minerva.

14. How does Lausus die?
(a) He is killed trying to kill Ascanius.
(b) He takes his father's place in the fight against Aeneas.
(c) He is struck down by the gods for blasphemy.
(d) He is cut down by Pallas.

15. How does King Latinus welcome the Trojans to Latinum?
(a) Duplicitously, because he plans to murder them and take their treasure and ships.
(b) Angrily, because the queen is forcing him to be polite to them.
(c) Gladly, because he wants Aeneas to marry his daughter.
(d) Sadly, because he knows their coming fortells his death.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Juno craft a phantom Aeneas and lure Turnus onto a departing boat?

2. Who does Evander plan to use as Aeneas' new army?

3. Who does Venus want to keep safe by removing him or her from the war between the Trojans and Latins?

4. What happens to the Trojans' ships when Turnus tries to burn them?

5. Who laments that only the head of Euryalus is brought back (on a spear) by the Rutulians?

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