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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Juno plan to do in Book VII to stop Aeneas from ruling Italy?
(a) She will enlist Apollo's aid in frightening Aeneas away.
(b) She will delay the wedding with Lavinia and destroy both peoples.
(c) She will spirit Aeneas away to another land.
(d) She will bring down a plague on Latium until Aeneas leaves.

2. Evander, unaware, is the founder of which of the following?
(a) The Lupercal grotto.
(b) The sacred wood of Argiletum.
(c) Rome's great citadel.
(d) The first military school in Italy.

3. What does Virgil do to prepare to talk about the warfare between the Trojans and the Rutulians?
(a) Chastizes Allecto for helping Juno start this war.
(b) Provides the reader with information about the ancestries of the major warriors.
(c) Blames Juno for the upcoming bloodshed.
(d) Calls on the Muse Calliope for help.

4. What pictures are shown on the shield Venus gives to Aeneas?
(a) Scenes from the siege of Troy.
(b) Maps of Latium.
(c) Scenes of the gods and goddesses seated peacefully in Olympus.
(d) The acts that will make his descendants famous.

5. What does King Latinus propose to give to the Trojans?
(a) Turnus' head on a spear.
(b) Chests of treasure.
(c) The battle of a lifetime.
(d) A region of land to settle or ships in which to depart.

6. What does the goddess Circe do to those she enchants?
(a) She sings to lure them into the water, where they drown.
(b) She turns them into beasts.
(c) She leads them to the underworld.
(d) She makes them immortal.

7. Who kills Pallas?
(a) Camilla.
(b) Turnus.
(c) Jupiter.
(d) Lausus.

8. What causes the Ausonians to attack the Trojans?
(a) A snake startles them and a soldier striking at it causes everyone to start fighting.
(b) Trojan soldiers insult Lavinia.
(c) Aeneas does not show proper reverence to King Latinus' laurel tree.
(d) Iulus hunted and shot a deer he didn't know was a favored pet.

9. How does King Latinus welcome the Trojans to Latinum?
(a) Duplicitously, because he plans to murder them and take their treasure and ships.
(b) Gladly, because he wants Aeneas to marry his daughter.
(c) Angrily, because the queen is forcing him to be polite to them.
(d) Sadly, because he knows their coming fortells his death.

10. What does Drancës call on Turnus to do?
(a) Relinquish his claim to Lavinia and meet Aeneas in single combat.
(b) Go into exile.
(c) Pay Lavinia's ransom.
(d) Surrender himself as Aeneas' prisoner.

11. Who does the queen of Latium want her daughter to marry?
(a) Ascanius.
(b) Jove.
(c) Aeneas.
(d) Turnus.

12. How does Lausus die?
(a) He is killed trying to kill Ascanius.
(b) He is cut down by Pallas.
(c) He takes his father's place in the fight against Aeneas.
(d) He is struck down by the gods for blasphemy.

13. What favor does Aeneas generously grant the Latin petition?
(a) He will return Mezentius' weapons and armor.
(b) He will return their dead for proper burial.
(c) He will speak to Turnus about ending the conflict.
(d) He will pray to Jupiter and the gods on their behalf.

14. How does Juturna cause unrest in the ranks of the Rutulians?
(a) Disguised as Camers, she encourages them to think that they outnumber the Trojans and that they must fight to keep from being enslaved.
(b) Disguised as Lavinia, she pleads with them to fight to save her from Aeneas.
(c) Disguised as Juno, she exorts them to fight like men.
(d) Disguised as Turnus, she orders them to attack Aeneas once he is on his own.

15. What does Ilioneus ask for from King Latinus?
(a) Food and supplies to send to the Trojans left behind with Acestës.
(b) A modest piece of land on the coast where the Trojans can settle.
(c) Soldiers and weapons to seek revenge on the Greeks.
(d) Lumber and sails to repair their ships.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aeneas say will happen to the Trojans if he loses his fight with Turnus?

2. What does the feast the Arcadians are having celebrate?

3. Who laments that only the head of Euryalus is brought back (on a spear) by the Rutulians?

4. To whom is Camilla compared to as she fights?

5. What mission do Nisus and Euryalus take on?

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