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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who slays Arruns?
(a) Phoebus.
(b) Diana.
(c) Opis.
(d) Turnus.

2. How is Queen Amata turned thoroughly against the idea of Aeneas marrying her daughter Lavinia?
(a) The goddess Venus influences her to save Aeneas for another bride.
(b) The goddess Allecto attaches a snake to her that poisons her mind.
(c) One of Aeneas' followers tells her the story of how he treated Dido.
(d) The goddess Juno threatens her with destruction if she allows the wedding to take place.

3. Who is Aeneas mourning at the beginning of Book XI?
(a) Evander.
(b) Pallas.
(c) Mezentius.
(d) Lausus.

4. What favor does Aeneas generously grant the Latin petition?
(a) He will return Mezentius' weapons and armor.
(b) He will speak to Turnus about ending the conflict.
(c) He will pray to Jupiter and the gods on their behalf.
(d) He will return their dead for proper burial.

5. What do Nisus and Euryalus do as they move through Turnus' camp?
(a) They make note of how many soldiers are there.
(b) They bind their feet up in cloth to move silently.
(c) They call on Venus to protect them.
(d) They slaughter sleeping warriors.

6. How does Diomedes know Aeneas?
(a) Together, they stole the Palladium.
(b) He has heard tales from friends who traveled to Troy.
(c) Aeneas tracked him down to punish him for wounding Venus.
(d) They fought against each other in the Trojan War.

7. Who does Aeneas convince to pledge to fight with him?
(a) Juno.
(b) Jupiter.
(c) The Rutulians.
(d) The Etruscans.

8. Who does the queen of Latium want her daughter to marry?
(a) Turnus.
(b) Jove.
(c) Aeneas.
(d) Ascanius.

9. Why does Turnus think he can beat Aeneas in single combat?
(a) Because Juno will fight alongside him.
(b) Because Jupiter has decreed that he will win.
(c) Because Venus will not be allowed to intervene.
(d) Because Lavinia promises to help him.

10. Who kills Pallas?
(a) Lausus.
(b) Camilla.
(c) Turnus.
(d) Jupiter.

11. Why do the Trojans and the Latins call a twelve-day truce?
(a) So they can bury their dead properly.
(b) Because a plague has broken out on both sides.
(c) Because the gods demand it.
(d) So they can prepare for the wedding of Lavinia and Aeneas.

12. What is one of Juno's arguments for why it was right for her to have helped the Rutulians?
(a) The Rutulians made all the right sacrifices to her.
(b) She is spending an equal amount of time helping Aeneas.
(c) The Rutulians are fated to rule, and she is just helping them fulfill that fate.
(d) Other gods helped Aeneas by spiriting him to safety and turning his ships into nymphs.

13. What does Aeneas say will happen to the Trojans if he loses his fight with Turnus?
(a) They will be slaughtered to the last man by Turnus.
(b) They will go live with Evander and the Arcadians.
(c) They will rejoin the rest of the Trojans living with Acestës.
(d) They will renew the fight and claim the land that is rightfully theirs.

14. Why does Juno craft a phantom Aeneas and lure Turnus onto a departing boat?
(a) To keep him from dying in the fight.
(b) To let another Rutulian have a chance to lead.
(c) To spirit him away to a temple to become a priest for her.
(d) To remove the Rutulian leader so Aeneas' soldiers can win the battle.

15. What does Venus claim the Trojans would have been better off doing after Troy was destroyed by the Greeks?
(a) Showering King Latinus with shiploads of gifts to win him over before meeting him.
(b) Rebuilding Troy instead of being pricked by fate to travel to Latium and enter into a new conflict.
(c) Building shrines to her everywhere they traveled.
(d) Staying with the rest of their people back with Acestës.

Short Answer Questions

1. What portent announces the arrival of Venus with Aeneas' new armor?

2. Who does Venus want to keep safe by removing him or her from the war between the Trojans and Latins?

3. What does Venus use to convince her husband Vulcan to make armor for Aeneas?

4. Who tells Aeneas that Ascanius and the Trojans are under siege?

5. At the beginning of Book XI, how does Turnus say he wants to settle the conflict?

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