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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who fills Tarchon with anger so that he will fight and lead his warriors better?
(a) Phoebus.
(b) Jupiter.
(c) Venus.
(d) Mars.

2. Who is Aeneas told will be willing to fight with him against the Latins?
(a) Jupiter.
(b) King Latinus and his Latins.
(c) King Evander and his Arcadians.
(d) Turnus and his Etruscans.

3. What betrays the presence of Euryalus to the enemy?
(a) The gleam of his helmet in the moonlight.
(b) A snapping twig under his feet.
(c) Allecto directing their attention to him.
(d) The noise of the clanking of the booty he has taken from Turnus' camp.

4. What had Jupiter forbidden to happen?
(a) Lavinia and Aeneas to marry.
(b) The Trojans to hole up in their camp.
(c) Aeneas to ally with the Arcadians.
(d) Italy and the Trojans to go to war with each other.

5. Who does Aeneas convince to pledge to fight with him?
(a) Jupiter.
(b) Juno.
(c) The Etruscans.
(d) The Rutulians.

6. Who tells Aeneas that Ascanius and the Trojans are under siege?
(a) The ghost of Euryalus.
(b) The sea nymphs that were once his ships.
(c) Jupiter.
(d) The ghost of Nisus.

7. Who appears to Aeneas in a dream to tell him where to find people willing to ally themselves with the Trojans against the Latins?
(a) Anchises, to confirm for Aeneas that he is in the right place.
(b) Allecto, who hopes to lead him astray.
(c) Venus, to help her son.
(d) Tiberinus, the river god of the Tiber.

8. What reason does Latinus give to Turnus for why the Rutulians got involved in bloody wars with the Trojans?
(a) Juno meddled in their lives.
(b) The Trojans forced them to defend themselves.
(c) Latinus went against fate and allowed Lavinia to be promised to Turnus.
(d) Turnus is an unruly hothead.

9. Why do the Trojans and the Latins call a twelve-day truce?
(a) Because a plague has broken out on both sides.
(b) So they can bury their dead properly.
(c) Because the gods demand it.
(d) So they can prepare for the wedding of Lavinia and Aeneas.

10. What does Jupiter promise Juno about the Latin folk?
(a) They will win the day and turn the Trojans from their land.
(b) They will be allowed to keep their language and way of life.
(c) They will be allowed to leave the land freely.
(d) They will adopt all Trojan customs and ways.

11. What favor does Aeneas generously grant the Latin petition?
(a) He will pray to Jupiter and the gods on their behalf.
(b) He will return Mezentius' weapons and armor.
(c) He will speak to Turnus about ending the conflict.
(d) He will return their dead for proper burial.

12. What is one of Juno's arguments for why it was right for her to have helped the Rutulians?
(a) The Rutulians made all the right sacrifices to her.
(b) She is spending an equal amount of time helping Aeneas.
(c) The Rutulians are fated to rule, and she is just helping them fulfill that fate.
(d) Other gods helped Aeneas by spiriting him to safety and turning his ships into nymphs.

13. What causes the Ausonians to attack the Trojans?
(a) Aeneas does not show proper reverence to King Latinus' laurel tree.
(b) Iulus hunted and shot a deer he didn't know was a favored pet.
(c) Trojan soldiers insult Lavinia.
(d) A snake startles them and a soldier striking at it causes everyone to start fighting.

14. How does Diomedes know Aeneas?
(a) They fought against each other in the Trojan War.
(b) Aeneas tracked him down to punish him for wounding Venus.
(c) He has heard tales from friends who traveled to Troy.
(d) Together, they stole the Palladium.

15. To which goddess is Camilla dedicated?
(a) Venus.
(b) Minerva.
(c) Juno.
(d) Diana.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who finds his or her way inside the Trojan camp at the end of Book IX and begins to massacre Trojans?

2. What problem does Turnus face when he tries to attack the Trojan camp?

3. For what does Juno blame Aeneas in regard to the current conflict?

4. What do Nisus and Euryalus do as they move through Turnus' camp?

5. What did the god Saturn give the first people in Latinum to start their civilization?

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