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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens every time Aeneas tries to tear a branch from a tree in Thrace to construct a roof for the altar of his new colony?
(a) Blood flows from the plant.
(b) Jupiter's voice thunders above.
(c) Fire surrounds his head.
(d) Lightning flashes in the sky.

2. What is Aetna?
(a) A large river.
(b) A volcano.
(c) A huge waterfall.
(d) A geyser that sprays from the ground.

3. What happens when souls are destined to be reborn in a second body?
(a) They must drink from the water of Lethe to forget their memories.
(b) They must sneak past Charon.
(c) They must craft new bodies for themselves.
(d) They must petition the kind of the underworld to be reborn.

4. After first meeting Dido, what does Aeneas send for from his ships?
(a) For his best toga and shield.
(b) For his son Ascanius and for gifts for Carthage.
(c) For weapons to surrender them up to Dido's people.
(d) For his father Anchises and his medicine.

5. When Aeneas and the Trojans land in Sicily at the beginning of Book V, a year has passed since which important event?
(a) Paris taking Helen.
(b) The death of Anchises.
(c) Leaving Dido's city.
(d) The fall of Troy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sends Iris to talk to the mourning Trojan women?

2. Why does Juno say Venus has made Dido fall in love with Aeneas?

3. How do the Danaans get inside the walls of Troy?

4. What kind of countryman is Achaemenid√ęs?

5. What does Anchises show Aeneas in the underworld?

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