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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Helenus say Aeneas should visit for advice?
(a) Charybdis.
(b) Andromache.
(c) Scylla.
(d) The sibyl of Cumae.

2. Who appears in a dream to warn Aeneas to flee Troy?
(a) Laocoön.
(b) Achilles.
(c) Hector.
(d) Venus.

3. Who or what does Venus say is the cause of the fall of Troy?
(a) The harsh will of the gods.
(b) Helen and Paris for running away together.
(c) Priam for being too proud.
(d) the Trojans for letting the Danaans trick them.

4. What does Sinon claim is the reason he was left behind?
(a) He snuck away because he wants to help the Trojans beat the Danaans.
(b) He has been sent to the Trojans as an ambassador of peace.
(c) He was left behind to spy on the Trojans.
(d) He escaped before the Danaans could sacrifice him in exchange for good winds home.

5. How does Darës get Entellus to fall during their boxing match?
(a) He knocks him out with one solid blow.
(b) He has the advantage of using heavier gloves.
(c) He ducks his punch and Entellus topples over.
(d) Entellus makes Darës fall.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who dies at the end of Book 3?

2. Why does Juno say Venus has made Dido fall in love with Aeneas?

3. Who blinded Polyphemus?

4. How does Nisus try to help his friend Euryalus win first prize in the foot race?

5. Why does King Iarbas pray to Jove/Jupiter?

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