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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Andromache's new husband?
(a) Apollo.
(b) Pyrrhus.
(c) Orestes.
(d) Helenus.

2. Who blinded Polyphemus?
(a) the Furies.
(b) Orestes.
(c) Ulysses and his crewmen.
(d) Aeneas.

3. How did Polydorus die?
(a) Killed in a battle during the siege of Troy.
(b) Sickened by a terrible plague.
(c) Murdered by his host, the Thracian king, for the gold he held.
(d) Attacked and smothered by plants.

4. What does Anchises pray to the gods for?
(a) To keep his grandson Iulus safe.
(b) For the strength to stand up and run.
(c) To take revenge on the Greeks for sacking Troy.
(d) To punish Aeneas for not protecting the city better.

5. What important things has Aeneas carried with him from Troy?
(a) The Phrygian hearth-gods.
(b) Three wooden splinters from the wooden horse.
(c) A herd of beasts to sacrifice to the gods.
(d) King Priam's sword and shield.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the crowd of refugees expect from Aeneas?

2. What meaning does Anchises say the portent of four white horses can have?

3. What is Aetna?

4. Who is the deity in charge of marriage?

5. To what does Aeneas attribute Darës' inability to beat Entellus?

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