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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following does the Sibyl NOT predict awaits Aeneas where he is going?
(a) Marriage with a foreign bride.
(b) The death of Ascanius.
(c) Continued harassment from Juno.
(d) Vicious wars.

2. Who does Anchises predict will bring and Age of Gold to Latium?
(a) Aeneas.
(b) Caesar Augustus.
(c) Romulus.
(d) Silvius.

3. What betrays the presence of Euryalus to the enemy?
(a) A snapping twig under his feet.
(b) The noise of the clanking of the booty he has taken from Turnus' camp.
(c) The gleam of his helmet in the moonlight.
(d) Allecto directing their attention to him.

4. Who leads Aeneas to the golden bough?
(a) Two doves from Venus.
(b) He finds it on his own.
(c) The ghost of Misenus.
(d) The Sibyl.

5. What does Virgil do to prepare to talk about the warfare between the Trojans and the Rutulians?
(a) Blames Juno for the upcoming bloodshed.
(b) Chastizes Allecto for helping Juno start this war.
(c) Provides the reader with information about the ancestries of the major warriors.
(d) Calls on the Muse Calliope for help.

Short Answer Questions

1. On what do the gods take oaths that they fear to break?

2. Which of the following must Aeneas do to enter the underworld?

3. What does Aeneas promise to do if the gods grant his wish?

4. Where do malefactors live in the underworld?

5. Who is Andromache's new husband?

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