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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens at the end of Act 2, Scene 4 that proves Lincoln's claim that he is a social success?
(a) Nancy Green accepts a job as his social secretary to keep track of his dates.
(b) Mary Todd sends Lincoln a thank-you note for a pleasant evening the previous week.
(c) Josh Speed introduces Lincoln to his sister.
(d) Ninian Edwards invites Lincoln home for dinner.

2. Who does Lincoln blame for all the political strife in the country?
(a) The British.
(b) The U.S. Army.
(c) The Abolitionists.
(d) The Whigs.

3. When Act 2, Scene 4 opens in Lincoln's Springfield law office, how much time has passed since the death of Ann Rutledge?
(a) Thirteen years.
(b) Two years.
(c) Five years.
(d) Six months.

4. What does Seth Gale suggest might happen if slavery spreads West to new states and territories?
(a) He predicts settlers will raise an army and declare war.
(b) He thinks the Mexicans will attack if slavery spreads.
(c) He says settlers might form another country or move to Canada.
(d) He says settlers will be satisfied, regardless of the state of slavery.

5. What happens to Ann Rutledge?
(a) She dies of a brain sickness.
(b) Bitten by a mosquito, she is paralzyed and left speechless.
(c) She runs away to Chicago to attend law school.
(d) She meets a wealthy man, marries him and moves West.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who have Bowling Green, Ninian Edwards and Josh Speed come to New Salem to see?

2. Who is fetching water for Seth Gale's sick son in Act 2, Scene 7?

3. Why is Ann's death such a setback to Lincoln?

4. What is happening when Lincoln enters Rutledge Tavern to deliver mail?

5. What is Mary Todd's lifelong dream for herself?

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