Abe Lincoln in Illinois Character Descriptions

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Jack Armstrong

A local bully who enters Rutledge's Tavern and treats people unpleasantly.


A clerk and later a law partner in Springfield who was an early supporter of abolition.

Stephen A. Douglas

This skillful speaker and political candidate from Illinois ran successfully for senator, but unsuccessfully for President of the United States.

Ninian Edwards

An influential political backer, son of an Illinois governor, and brother-in-law to a future First Lady.

Seth Gale

This man eventually moved West with his family and had a strong moral opposition to slavery.


This free negro lived in fear that he might be kidnapped, taken South and sold into slavery.

Mentor Graham

This character tutored another character while in New Salem. They talked about politics and poetry.

Bowling Green

This judge and old friend from New Salem--a man with an unusual name--guided the early political career of a future presidential candidate...

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