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Bernd Heinrich
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the author goes for a walk in his snowshoes, what does he observe?
(a) The tracks of many different animals.
(b) The tracks of deer.
(c) The tracks of bears.
(d) The tracks of ravens.

2. In "Excursions," the author and one of his students pull up samples of insects from ________.
(a) The mud.
(b) Near a tree.
(c) An old bird's nest.
(d) Below the ice in the stream.

3. The author and his son watch a ______________ fly up into the sky and then circle back down to the ground.
(a) Woodcock.
(b) Mallard.
(c) Woodpecker.
(d) Canadian goose.

4. In "December 21," the author discovers that a local squirrel has stashed __________ all along the path.
(a) Bananas.
(b) Apples.
(c) Berries.
(d) Nuts.

5. What happens when the author comes down from the tree and onto the ground?
(a) The deer runs away.
(b) The deer walks away.
(c) The deer comes to him.
(d) The deer stays frozen.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the last section, "May 24 Graduation," the author makes the trip back to his university to see ________ graduate.

2. In "Cows," why does the author go into town?

3. What holiday is "February 2"?

4. The author cooks mice for the students. How do they feel about eating mouse?

5. In "March 14 After the Storm," why does the author go into town again?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the author notice in "December 3"?

2. What does the author notice about the squirrels in "March 20-21"? What are your thoughts regarding the squirrels' behavior?

3. Describe the author's dreams in "April 2 Dreams." What might these mean?

4. How does the author spend Christmas? How does he feel about this? How does this experience compare to his other experiences throughout this book?

5. What does the author say in "Moss Watch"? Why might he study moss?

6. How does the author feel about the mice and flies? Why? How does this compare to how he feels about other animals?

7. What takes place in "Early February"? What is your reaction to this? Why?

8. Describe the metamorphosis taking place in the Maine woods. How might the author feel about this?

9. What does the author think of himself and his students in comparison to other people? Do you agree? Why or why not?

10. Describe the snow storm. How does it affect the author?

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