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Bernd Heinrich
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "January 20 Coyotes," what is the man, which the author just happens upon, doing?
(a) Trying to find his way home.
(b) Hunting deer.
(c) Fishing.
(d) Chasing and killing coyotes with his dogs.

2. The author is intrigued that the grubs don't seem affected by __________.
(a) His smell.
(b) His touching them.
(c) Loud noises.
(d) The extreme cold.

3. In "Excursions," what creatures are endangered because of high quantities of mercury and PCB in the water?
(a) Bald eagles.
(b) Sea gulls.
(c) Blue herons.
(d) Coyotes.

4. According to the author, where do the most successful nest builders place their nests?
(a) Near the ground.
(b) In high trees.
(c) On his roof.
(d) In the most unlikely places.

5. In "March 30 Cocoons," the author finds an old cocoon from _________.
(a) A moth.
(b) A fly.
(c) A beetle.
(d) A butterfly.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "April 8," what does the author check out on a dairy farm?

2. What does the author get from a farm for his ravens?

3. When the elephants disappear, the author notices that the ground is covered with _______.

4. When the author goes for a walk in his snowshoes, what does he observe?

5. In "January 31," the author must deal with extreme cold weather as well as the return of _______.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the most important aspect of hunting for the author? Why?

2. What takes place in "Early February"? What is your reaction to this? Why?

3. What does the author notice about the squirrels in "March 20-21"? What are your thoughts regarding the squirrels' behavior?

4. What takes place in "Cows"? What is your reaction to this? Why?

5. What does the author learn from this dissection? How is this important to him?

6. What takes place in "April 4 Returns"? Describe the author's attitude at this time.

7. Describe "April 20." Is the author's life a simple one? Why or why not?

8. What takes place in "December 29 Winter Ecology?" Why might the author do this?

9. What takes place in "March 31"? How might the author feel about this?

10. What is taking place in "March 13 Storm Warnings"? Why do the people act and feel this way?

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